Street Style: Southend

Image by Beth Hilliard

NAME: Onyx. AGE: 17. OCCUPATION: Student. LIKES: My CZT. Climbing & Bounty Bars. HATES: The Cold. Racists & Piers Morgan. FAVOURITE SONG: Rose Tattoo by Dropkick Murphy’s. FAVOURITE CLUB: I Don’t

Image by Jevgenija Kozevnikova

NAME: Scarlett Rose. AGE: 19. OCCUPATION: Music Student . LIKES: Swimming In The Cold Sea. Elephants & Going To Gigs. HATES: Tube Trains. The Rain & Custard. FAVOURITE SONG: Bike Ride by The Brobecks. FAVOURITE CLUB: I Prefer Going To A Gig.

Image by Jevgenija Kozevnikova

NAME: Lennie. AGE: 20. OCCUPATION: Actor/Artiest. Likes: Good Smells. Colourful Clothes. Sunshine. Good People & Birds. HATES: Doing Other Peoples Dishes. Brown Sauce & Ignorance FAVOURITE SONG: Weight Of The Planet by by Aldous Harding. FAVOURITE CLUB: Anywhere That Plays 80’s Music

NAME: Draco & Ash . AGE: 19. OCCUPATION: Students. Likes: Draco: Art, Photography & Poetry (Reading & Writing it) .Ash: Cosplay Music & Girls Cloths. HATES: Draco: Green Food. Ash: Lairs. FAVOURITE SONG: Draco: Oogie Boogie by She’s So Nice. Ash: Anything By She’s So Nice. FAVOURITE CLUB: Draco: Jimmies Ash: Cosplay with Draco

NAME: Florence. AGE: 20. OCCUPATION: Student & Barista. Likes: Drag. Poetry & Coffee. HATES: Capitalism . Bigots, Birds & Other Flying Animals . FAVOURITE SONG: All Of Them Dreams by Tom Rosenthal. FAVOURITE CLUB: A Night In With My Partner.