NAME: Paul. AGE:20. The PLACE: The Rhythm Factory .OCCUPATION: Fashion Designer. LIKES: 70’s Kung Fu Movies, Led Zeppelin & Girls. HATES: Yogurt. Anyone Who Don’t Like The White Stripes & Men In Suits.   FAVOURITE RECORD: Candy Store Rock By Led Zeppelin. FAVOURITE CLUB: After Skool Club . 
NAME: Kathryn Pugwash. AGE:20. The PLACE: Algate East Tube.OCCUPATION: Fashion Designer. LIKES: Real Fur, Real Bones, The Trampettes & Green Hair. HATES: Beige Men, Carrots & Sandi Thom.   FAVOURITE RECORD: Songs The Lord Taught Us By The Cramps. FAVOURITE CLUB: I Prefer Dancing To Elvis In My Bedroom To Be Honest. 
NAME: Downroe. AGE:24. The PLACE: Oxford Street Tube.OCCUPATION: B-Boy LIKES: Fat Arses, London & The Sound Of Philly . HATES:Fish & Chips, New York Girls & George Bush.   FAVOURITE RECORD: Mama Feel Good By Lyn Collins. FAVOURITE CLUB: Fluid (In Philly USA) 

NAME: Xan & Eb. AGE: 21 & 20. THE PLACE: Brick Lane. OCCUPATION: Fine Art Duo. LIKES: Tracey Emin Triangles & Junk. HATES: Early Mornings, Responsibility & Pot Noodles. FAVORITE RECORD:Crazy On You By Heart & Walking On Thin Ice By Yoko Ono. FAVORITE CLUB: Alibi.

NAME: Bethanie . AGE:19. The PLACE: Liverpool Street Tube. OCCUPATION: Student . LIKES: Anything Neon. Charles Dickens & Blueberry Poptarts . HATES: Bitchy Girls. Pears & Indie Boys   FAVOURITE RECORD: Anything By Roberts In Disguise. FAVOURITE CLUB: White Heat
NAME: Mikael. AGE:21. The PLACE: Soho .OCCUPATION: Waiter. LIKES: Wine Women & Music. HATES:Music. Women & Wine.  FAVOURITE RECORD: Bad Reputation By Thin Lizzy. FAVOURITE CLUB: Red Light 
NAME: Luice . AGE:24. The PLACE: Brick Lane OCCUPATION: Artist. LIKES: Fishfinger Sandwich’s, Fat Cats & Pasco . HATES: Liver. Cheap Shoes & Tracy Emin.   FAVOURITE RECORD: Seventeen By Ladytron. FAVOURITE CLUB: Myspace
NAME: Alex . AGE:16. The PLACE: Oxford Circus .OCCUPATION: Musician . LIKES: Big Mac’s , Live Music & Skinny Jeans . HATES: The Horrors. Baggy Jeans & History Lessons  FAVOURITE RECORD: Trash by Suede FAVOURITE CLUB: Trash (But Don’t Tell My Mother)
NAME: Claudia. AGE:17. The PLACE: Reading Music Festival .OCCUPATION: Scrounger LIKES: Jammie Dodgers. Gun’s N’ Roses & Parrots. HATES: Mandy Jackson. Steps ( The Band) & Mud   FAVOURITE RECORD: She’s Got The Look by Prince. FAVOURITE CLUB: Lonny Tunes . 
NAME: David. AGE:22. The PLACE: Carnaby Street .OCCUPATION: Artiest. LIKES:Long Walks. Volume Controls That Click & The Mod Scene HATES: Spiders. Cutting Tomatoes & East Enders (Total Shit)   FAVOURITE RECORD: For Your Love By The Yard Birds. FAVOURITE CLUB: Kaleidoscope