Sink The Pink 2014
Name: Ally. Age: 22. Occupation: Actress. 3 Things You Like? Glitter, Snails & Disco
3 Things You Hate? Mince Pies, Madonna & London Rental Prices Favourite Record? Poker Face by Lady Gaga Favourite Club? Sink The Pink
Name: Coral. Age: 21. Occupation: Face Painter 3 Things You Like? Girly Boys Downtown Abby. Salt & Vinegar Crisps
3 Things You Hate? Blokes Who Wolf Whistle At Me Ginger Biscuits & Diet Coke
Favourite Record? Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey. Favourite Club? Sink The Pink
Name: Samuel. Age: 22.
Occupation: Fund Raiser
3 Things You Like? Dance, Wine & Anime

3 Things You Hate? Top Knots, Bigots & Heaven
Favourite Record? Locomotion by Little Eva  Favourite Club? Sink the Pink

Name: Hattie. Age: 24
Occupation Teacher
3 Things You Like? Catwomen. Underwear as Outwear & PJ Harvey
3 Things You Hate? Boxes, Bigotry &  Black Grapes
Favourite Record? Roses by PJ Harvey
Favourite Club? B.G.W.M.C
Name: Cain. Age: 19
Occupation: Fashion Student
3 Things You Like?  Eating My Greens. Watership Down &
3 Things You Hate? Fox’s. Myxomatosis
& Platform Shoes
Favourite Record? Bright Eyes by
Art Garfunkel
Favourite Club? WU Club
Name: Hannah. Age: 18. Occupation: Painter. 3 Things You likes? Unicorns, Pink & Bitter Lemon   
Hates: Beavers, Black Holes & Downtown Abby. Favourite  Record Vogue by Madonna
Favourite Club: Sink the Pink  N
ame: William. Age: 19. Occupation: Fashion Student. 3 Things You Like. Whiskey, Sex & Chocolate Chip Cookies     
3 Things You Hate: Bright Colours, Lana Murdochy & Blueberry Muffins
Favourite Record?
Beethoven’s 5th symphony  
Favourite Club? Sink the Pink

Name: Jai. Age: 25
Occupation: Gangsters Moll
3 Things You Like? Bootleg Gin. Gangsters. Jazz & Diamonds
3 Things You Hate? Cheap Shoes. Cheap Men & Rhinestones
Favourite Record? In The Mood by Glen Miller
Favourite Club? Speakeas
Name: Simon. Age: 25
Occupation: Designer
3 Things You Like? Fashion, Art & Jesus
3 Things You Hate? Basic Bitch’s. Hobnobs
& Politics
Favourite Record? I Took The Night by Chelley
Favourite Club? Garlands
Name: Vinegar Strokes
Age: Don’t Ask
Occupation: Comedian 
3 Things You Likes? Marmite, The Colour Purple & Bald Men
3 Things You Hate?: Pigeons, Diet Coke & Boy’s called Paul
Favourite Record? Proud Mary by Tina Turner 
Favourite Club?: Sink the Pink 
Name: Basil. Age: 19. Occupation: Student. 3 Things You Like? Perms. Mathematics & Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. 3 Things You Hate? Coco Pops. Straight Hair & Dog Shit. Favourite Record? No GDM by Gina X. Favourite Film? Mad Max. Favourite Club? Sink The Pink
Name: Vivian. Age: 24. Occupation: Go-Go Dancer. 3 Things You Like? Salty Popcorn. Money & Money
3 Things You Hate? Tax Returns. Dolphins & Babies. Favourite Record? Push It By Salt N’ Pepper. Favourite Film?
Saturday Night Fever. Favourite Club? Sink The Pink