Name: Philip Normal Age: 22. The Place: The Cock.Occupation: Fashion Designer. 3 Things You Like: Namalee Bolle, The Village People & Walruses 3 Things You Hate: Fake Wizards, People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog Shit & Pigeons.Record: Scum Pop By The Readers Wives. Club: Horsemeat Disco
Name: Miss Elly. Age: 22. The Place: Club Cleavage, Occupation: DJ. 3 Things You Like: Fil Ok, Pounding Techo & Michael Jackson. 3 Things You Hate: B.O.  Boys with long hair & No loo roll in the ladies toilet. Record: The Rhythm gonna get you by Gloria Estifan Club: Nag,Nag,Nag
Name: Ryan Styles Age 20 The Place: Kashpoint. Occupation: Performance Artist 3 Things You Like: Yr Mum Ya Dad. Sweetcorn & Clubbing 3 Things You Hate: Homophobia. Racism & Dark Chocolate Record: Holiday by Madonna Club: Boom Box
Name: Carri Mundane Age: 24 The Place: Gauche Chic Occupation: Fashion Designer.3 Things You Like: Horror Films, Geek Art & M.I.A. 3 Things You Hate: Carri got no beef with no one Record: Bucky Dun Gun by M.I.A. Club:Gauche Chic
Name: Jonaflid  Age 24 The Place: Kashpoint. Occupation: DJ  3 Things You Like: Sex Dwarfs, Smash TV & Ya Mum N’ Yr Dad 3 Things You Hate:  Marmite, Queer Bashing & Smelly Feet  Record: Catwalking by Ya Mum N Yr Dad. Club: Anti-Social
Name: Gaia. Age:20. The Place Kashpoint. Occupation: Fashion Student 3 Things You Like: The 80’s, Horses, Chocolate & Good Sex. 3 Things You Hate: Tori Spelling, Cost Of Public Transport & Bad Sex. Record: Love Action By The Human League. Club: Boom Boom Salon
Name: Christina. Age: 19. Occupation: Student. 3 Things You Like: Slade, Boys who look like Girl, Cheese & Onion Crisps. 3 Things You Hate: Bad Breath, H from Steps & Dogs. Record: Grateful When You’re Dead by Kula Shaker. Club: Willy Wonka’s
Name: Feral Age:24. The Place: Gauche Chic. Occupation: Music Maker 3 Things You Like: Men In Make Up, Dancing & Pickled Onion Munster Munch.3 Things You Hate: Boring People, Apples & People Who Buy Labels to try and make themselves look fashionable – You Can’t Buy Style. Record: Synthetic Pleasures by Cavalier. Club: Anti – Social 
Name: Noura Age:21 The Place: Club Cleavage. Occupation: Lady Of Mystery. 3 Things You Like: Sushi, Hello Kitty & Japan 3 Things You Hate: Boho Chic, Fake People & Lad Culture. Record: We’re Only Here For The Money By Frank Zappa. Club: The Boudoir 
Name: Nathaniel. Age: 20. The Place: All You Can Eat Occupation: Fashion Student. 3 Things You Like: The Middle classes. Longing (A Special Dance I Do) & St Tropez. 3 Things You Hate: Children. Beige & Topshop. Record: ABC by The Jackson 5. Club: KCTV Parties
Name: KT Age: 21. The Place. Kashpoint. Occupation: Celebrity 3 Things You Like: Coco Channel, Chicken Currey & Money. 3 Things You Hate: Dogs, Yogurt & Sienna Miller. Record: People Are Strange by The Doors. Club: Kashpoint
Name: Peter Glam  Age 21  The Place: Kashpoint. Occupation: Make-Up Artist 3 Things You Like:  Sushi. Make-Up & Clubbing 3 Things You Hate: Shoulder Hair, Cargo Pants & Football  Record: #1 by Fisherspooner. Club: Anti-Social