Shady Nasty brings meditative alt-punk with new song CHEST HEIGHT

Alt punk for the internet era, combining trap and lo-fi in a genre blending commentary on internet dating.

Shady Nasty are a unique sound to say the least. Whilst their members are trained in classical and jazz, the overall sound is something closer shoegaze with heavy vocoder that sounds like a Post Malone or a reverb heavy Juice WRLD. A sound that blends into it’s own background, it’s provides an interesting commentary on internet dating.

PHOTO: @kataomoi___

Beginning with droning synths that create a malaise of sound before that heavily vocoded voice tells us ‘You can’t do anything right.’ It’s a short track with these interesting beats that are left turns that hit you on repeat listening.

The end of the track is instrumental, finishing the wailing synths that sound like the death cries of an electric whale on the back end of the track. Buried deep in the mix, CHEST HEIGHT is a silent scream from the background, introspective in a world that is not allowed to think.

Whilst the lyrics tell of a story that is quite difficult to make out through the vocoder on some parts of the track. The key message of CHEST HEIGHT is only really apparent on the fifth or sixth listen, letting the drum loops and synths lull you into a false sense of security until those lyrics start punching.

This song is like coming out of a daze. Woozy to begin with, then more staccato drums it’s a laid back punk sound that is new and interesting. Considering their last EP CLUBSMOKE contains commentary on vlogging and influence, they continue to be a modern punk band for a modern era.

IF you want to see Shady Nasty live then they are playing at the Royal Mountian Records showcase on the 9th-10th of May. You can also follow their Instagram @shady_nasty