New Release: PILLGRIM’s  latest single “DESENSITISED” music video officially drops today

New to the scene but cutting deep, independent London based Dark-Trap rapper PILLGRIM opens the gates to his darkened dream-state world through the first single “BloodDrip”, and has now lured us to the second destination of this dark fantasy in most recent release “DESENSITISED

As the rusty iron gates wrapped in dead rose vines creak open, London based rapper PILLGRIM lures us into his darkened dream-state world built on fragments of shattered magic and fairytales too familiar. This is presented through the sounds of Dark Trap and its heavy-eyed atmospheres, euphoric
electro synths emulsified with deep lucid imagery, reflecting the struggles of depression, solitude, love, and heartbreak.

“DESENSITISED is second release to the 3-Track EP 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝕯𝖗𝖎𝖕 𝕿𝖗𝖎𝖑𝖔𝖌𝖞, where each single is released alongside chapters to a short dark fantasy narrative inspired by the feels and options portrayed in the tracks. 

Reflected through doped up and drowsy dark-trap beats, each song explores the intoxicating stages of self sabotage through heartbreak, desensitisation and coming to realisation of being consumed by one’s emotional addiction to sadness. The narrative demonstrates a route to realisation in a world of dark fantasy.