Love Ghost to release dark new single ‘TIME TRAVEL’ featuring Yung Dupe

Out March 15th

Image: @Maldito_Moren

Love Ghost is back, continuing on their fiery run of 2024 releases with the melancholic new single ‘TIME TRAVEL’. A dark beat with high-energy strings running against each other and heavy drum rhythms provides the backdrop to Love Ghost’s pained lyrical performance, telling an intimate and heart-wrenching story with solemn yet aggressive vocals. The track features the rap prowess of fellow rising star Yung Dupe, whose verse rounds out the track with an enigmatic energy.

Love Ghost’s Finnegan Bell shares a comment on the new single, “Time Travel is a song about a troubled girl that that I was interested in and a desire to travel back in time to absolve her from trauma/ her own demons. However in this voyage I opened up a door to an alternate universe and welcomed her demons into my own life. It’s very fantasy driven and creative and honestly I was loosely inspired by the movie Donnie Darko.”