ASBO Archive: Street Style: Festivals

Street Style 1999 – 2010
Name: Joe. Age: 25. Occupation: Technician. Likes: Toasted Cheese & Ham Sandwich’s . Iggy Pop & My Leather Jacket .Hates: Warm Beer. Rain & Vegetarian Food. Favourite Record: The Girl Can’t Help It by Little Richard.. Favourite Film: The Girl Can’t Help It. Favourite Club: Barfly
Name: Esme. Age: 23. Occupation: Actress & Model.. Likes: Shopping, 70’s Glamour, Fried Chicken. Hates: Camping, Sunshine, Brussel Sprouts Favourite Record: I Wanna Be Your Dog by Iggy Pop. Favourite Film: The Eyes Of Laura Mars. Favourite Club: Lady Luck
Name: Paul. Age: 25. Occupation: Street Poet. Likes: John Cooper Clark. Brothel Creepers & Jean Harlow Hates: False People. Alarm Clocks & Fascists Favourite Record: Power Age by AC/DC. Favourite Film: Some Like It Hot. Favourite Club: Anywhere That Got Cheap Beer, Real People & Good Music
Name: Leigh. Age: 17. Occupation: Student. Likes: Tits,Cocks & Purple Things. Hates: Bad Breath. Hairy Backs & Jealousy Favourite Record: Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos. Favourite Film: The Lost Boys. Favourite Club: Slimelight
Name: Lucy. Age:19. Occupation: Student. Likes: My Goldfish Freddie. Marilyn Manson & Vodka. Hates: Festival Soap Dodgers, Nu-Metal Kids & Homophobia.  Favourite Record: Sexless Demons & Scars by Jack Off Jill. Favorite Film: The Breakfast Club. Favourite Club: Alcatraz
Name: Alex Age: 20. Occupation: Student.. Likes: Beer. Sex & Curry. Hates: The Spice Girls, Tony Blair & Festival Food Favourite Record: Eat The Meek by NOFX . Favourite Film: Rocky. Favourite Club: I’m To Poor To Club
Name: Fay. Age: 17. Occupation: Student.. Likes: Big Hair. Towers Of London & Hairspray. Hates: Smelly Feet. Salad & My Ex Gary. Favourite Record: Living On A Pray by Bon Jovi. Favourite Film: Jaws. Favourite Club: Duke
Name: Joshua. Age: 15. Occupation: Student. Likes: Rice Krispies with Chocolate Milk. Piercings & Marilyn Manson Hates: Sport. Steps & To Much Homework. Favourite Record: Sleep Now In The Fire by Rage Against The Machine. Favourite Film: Blade Runner. Favourite Club: I’m Not Allowed
Name: Hellie. Age: 22. Occupation: Housing Officer. Likes: Lip Balm. Piecing’s & Boys Called Luke Hates: Razorlight. 3 Quarter Length Trousers & Pickled Onions .Favourite Record: Sand & Sea by Blue Sky Mile. Favourite Film: 101 Dalmatians . Favourite Club: Rescuers