MEET: Helsinki Lambda Club

Words and Content by Rachel June

Helsinki Lambda Club are a Japanese alternative-rock band that landed in Brighton for the first time, sharing their fun and uplifting sounds with audiences. Waterbear Venue was crowded with delighted fans, where friendship and feel-good energy filled the air. Helsinki Lambda Club has music similar to 90’s pop mixed with rock attributes – with guitar, bass and drums alongside catchy happy and upbeat lyrics.

Hashimoto Kaoru (left), Inaba Kodai (middle) Kumagai Taiki (right),

Embracing the UK summer on a hot and gleaming day, taking in the scenic views of Brighton Beach, the band chatted with ASBO magazine about their exciting adventures touring and enjoying what they love the most – creating music and performing.

Cheeky, charming and charismatic band members include Hashimoto Kaoru (橋本薫)  on Vocals/Guitar, Inaba Kodai (稲葉航大) on guitar, and Kumagai Taiki (熊谷太起) on bass. The band met when they were young and always wanted to make music together, creating songs that are full of life and excitement. 

Helsinki Lambda Club on Brighton Beach, UK

The band wants their music to be “something you can dance to, regardless of the melody or tempo,” with frontman Hashimoto saying “I often start by deciding on a beat and then layering instruments while listening to the looped beat.”

Photos by Rachel June

They are inspired by The Beatles’ musical evolution, which “has always been a source of inspiration for us”. They have also been “greatly influenced by the works and mindset of artists like Marc Chagall and those around Dadaism”. They also take musical inspiration from 70s rock and modern indie pop. 

Performing live is something the band loves, they “feel happy when they see someone immersed in music, closing their eyes, or dancing in their own way without worrying about what others think”. They love the creative process of writing songs, particularly “the excitement when a song is completed and the feeling of increased self-esteem when the songs have been made.”

Helsinki Lambda Club

Frontman Hashimoto’s artist on repeat “NewJeans”

They have a positive outlook on life, often seeing the beauty in their surroundings and soaking in each moment of their journey. For the band’s future, they “hope to be active enough in Japan while being invited to festivals in various countries overseas”. Stay tuned for their tour and the release of new music!