Street Style 1999 – 2010
NAME: Sally. AGE:18. The PLACE: Jukebox .OCCUPATION: Student. LIKES: My Boyfriend Mouse. Nu-Rave & Manchester (So Friendly). HATES: Hobnobs.Julia Roberts & Cheap Vodka  FAVOURITE RECORD: A Boy Like Me By Patrick Wolf. FAVOURITE CLUB: Red Light 
NAME: Joe. AGE:19. The PLACE: GFW 2006.OCCUPATION: Student. LIKES: Southend. Psychedelic Music & Custard Donuts . HATES: Chav’s. Westlife & Children In Confined Spaces   FAVOURITE RECORD: 96 Tears By ? & The Mysterians. FAVOURITE CLUB: Junk 
NAME: Rob. AGE:16. The PLACE: Reading Music Festival.OCCUPATION: Lay About. LIKES: 70’s Glam Rock. Black Nail Vanish & Long Hair HATES: Festival Food. Clashing Bands At Festivals & Festival Toilets. FAVOURITE RECORD: Little Rhymes By Mercury Rev. FAVOURITE CLUB: Stay Beautiful  
NAME: Chris. AGE:21. The PLACE:The Horrors Video Shoot.OCCUPATION: Musician . LIKES: Ice Cold Coke. The Horrors & Hammer Horror Films. HATES: Tony Blair. Reality TV & The Ordinary Boys.  FAVOURITE RECORD: Coliseum By Kettle. FAVOURITE CLUB: Koko
NAME: Liz. AGE:19 The PLACE: GFW 2006 .OCCUPATION: Student. LIKES: Afternoon Cocktail.Mary Quant Clothes & The Rollin Stones HATES: Bad Breath. Fat Girls In High Heels & Fish Fingers  FAVOURITE RECORD: Don’t Bring Me Down By The Pretty Things. FAVOURITE CLUB: Junk
NAME: Ruth. AGE:23 The PLACE: Reading Music Festival. OCCUPATION: Fashion Designer. LIKES: Saying My Prays. David Bowie & Peanut Butter. HATES: Hare Krishna’s. Ladders & H from Steps.  FAVOURITE RECORD: Golden Years By David Bowie. FAVOURITE CLUB: Full Tilt  
NAME: Joe. AGE:17. The PLACE: Repeat. Repeat Repeat .OCCUPATION: Photography Student. LIKES: Tilly Winter.Cider & Film Noir HATES: Emily Rotter. The Horrors & Whiskey.  FAVOURITE RECORD: Junk Club By The Birthday Party. FAVOURITE CLUB: UFO
Name: Sam Age: 20. Occupation: Brickie. The PLACE: Reading Music Festival Likes: Cheap Beer. NOFX & Jane Fisher. Hates: Wannabe Gangsters. Comedowns & Marilyn Manson Fans Record: Drunk Again by Real Big Fish. Club: Aston Vill
NAME: Jasper. AGE:20. The PLACE: Brick Lane.OCCUPATION: Bartender. LIKES: The Jame. Bacon & Eggs on Toast. Italian Style . HATES: James Blunt. Marmalade & My Landlord  FAVOURITE RECORD: Darkside Of The Moon By Pink Floyd. FAVOURITE CLUB: Dirty Water