After featuring on the Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Soundtrack, Warren Hue experiments in his latest single ‘RUNAWAY W ME’

An artist going from success to success, Warren Hue is an Indonesian rapper who just came off being featured on the Shang-Chi Album alongside a whole host of talent, like fellow Indonesian talent such as Rich Hue and Nikki, he treats us this new track RUNAWAY W ME

Warren plays more with a EDM inspired elements rather than the more precise trap and hip-hop elements that we saw on his debut album SUGARTOWN. However, he moves effortlessly between more EDM style breakdowns with guitar passages and back into his fast and breathless rapping style. 

It’s an infectious song, the speed of his bars sometimes feel rushed compared with his more liminal passages. It’s a mix that should be dueling with itself but instead melds together nicely. His skill on his verses is impressive with his vocal performance on the chorus being calmer and more in line with the EDM notes on the track. 

Whilst not reaching the heights of some of his previous musical outings such as Candy Choppa it is a track that is a fun and dreamlike alongside it’s hip-hop verses. Warren Hue is adept and extremely talented and he should be followed with interest.  

Words: Peter Wellman