New Release: Phabo – Scorpio Moon

Phabo releases his highly anticipated single ‘Scorpio Moon’. The soulful offering from the San Diego native was first heard on the German platform Colors in October of 2022, five months later and the talented songwriter has officially released the track. The sultry track is a passionate love song that takes listeners on a journey of love and emotions, Phabo had this to say about his latest release, “Scorpio Moon is a song that playfully mirrors the way in which people use Zodiac signs to avoid accountability for the chaos they’ve caused. I wanted it to feel as if I had just been given the floor in couples therapy, and to feel as though it was my partner’s first time hearing me divulge these emotions. Those with Scorpio moons are said to have a propensity to seek revenge. As well as the innate ability to sense when they’ve been wronged. So this song is my brave attempt to make things right”. The airy vocals and dreamy delivery of Phabo could see the soulful singer step out into the limelight, ‘Scorpio Moon’ is his four release of the year and is available to listen to here: