New Release: Avantzi Maverick: Yonce

Avantzi Maverick is a multi-talented musician from Reading, UK, formerly known as Mukz Merrello. Avantzi started his music career in 2006 in a project studio in a box room of his mothers house. His repertoire encompasses song-writing, production, mixing and mastering, making him a complete creative force.

Avantzi’s sound has moved from a heavy southern hip-hop sound, exemplified in his early mix-tapes ‘Up in Smoke’ (2012) and ‘I’m Rollin Up’ (2013), to a captivating fusion of rap/trap and RnB. He has collaborated with some of the UK rap scene’s most respected and established rap heavyweights such as Giggs,
Squeeks and Deep Green, and was featured on Charlie Sloth’s album. Aside from his rap talent, Avantzi Maverick is known for undertaking the whole creative process – from song writing, production to mix and mastering. Fusing melody, trap, and rap in equal measure, his music is both energetic and
In the beginning of 2023 he changed his alias to Avantzi Maverick to better reflect his new direction in music. He has created new social channels to go alongside this, and continues to write, produce, mix and master his own sound.

The title, a homage to celebrated singer-songwriter Beyoncé, implies the idea of an otherwise average individual becoming instantly attractive due to the effect of alcohol, or “beer goggles” leading to decisions that may be regretted the next morning. Avantzi sings about the concept of “beer goggles”, where people are misjudged as more attractive than their sober counterparts. Maverick sums up the experience with the line ” I think this magic liquid turn a 6 to a 10 “.