New Release: Granfalloon – Why Bury me in the Graveyard 

Manchester-based songwriter, producer and musician Richard Lomax (Granfalloon) released the beautiful new track ‘Why Bury Me In The Graveyard’ on February 16th 2024, along with a stunning music video made by Roomer Animation

Granfalloon a bearded man looks thoughtful

The piercing violin alongside Lomax’s low, distinct voice with carefully plucked vibrations of guitar, resounds alongside satisfying beats – taking the listener on a journey. The soul satisfying track is filled with purpose and wonder. 

‘Why Bury Me In The Graveyard’ features as part of Granfalloon’s album Calendar – Chapter II, a collaboration with fellow songwriter Lobelia, who’s dreamy voice features on the psych-folk track, with addictive harmonies that hit the spot. 

Granfalloon is known for his alt-folk acoustica and lo-fi electronic music, however this song is western movie-esque, as tumbleweeds float past an old desolate town – with orange painted skies and sandy trails that disappear into the distance. 

Sad yet satisfying, sinister yet sanguine, the song captures the hard-hitting reality of mortality, whilst remaining hopeful. The idea for the song came from a friend of Lomax, who wished to “be cremated and turned into a tree”. ‘Why Bury Me In The Graveyard’ was written based on that concept – to be one with nature after death, a notion in which Lomax felt was “fertile ground for a song”. 

A depiction of burial as something beautiful, the song draws on the eternal aspect of nature. The lyrics “why bury me in the graveyard, when my family could sit with me” suggest intriguing thoughts behind burial rights, which Lomax “finds fascinating”. He further explains, “there’s something satisfying in writing about death in an uncomplicated way”. 

Granfalloon musically outlines the intrigue in life after death, portraying the beauty in nature, and the way in which we process life in all its mystery. 

Follow Granfalloon’s on instagram @granfalloonmusic, on Youtube as Richard Lomax, and listen watch the enchanting track here:

Granfalloon and Lobelia stand back to back in a forest


Richard Lomax – vocals/guitars | Lobelia Lawson – vocals/guitars 

Daz Woodcock – bass | Lucy McLuckie – cello

Hazel Watson – viola | Elliot Barlow – drums