Name: Simon Age: 15. Occupation: Searching For Sunshine. The Place Kashpoint. 3 Things You Like: The Sea, Peanut Butter & Seahorses. 3 Things You Hate: I Like everything except Ants. Record: The La La Song by Marilyn Manson. Club: Club Cleavage

Name Katanna. Age 24 The Place Kashpoint Occupation Student. 3 Things You Like: Electro Music, Peacocks & Rubber Clothes 3 Things You Hate: Cornflakes, Dirty Pop Boys & Liver. Records Dancer by Viva La Fete Club: Boombox
Name Brian. Age 20:  The Place Kashpoint:  Occupation: Starlet. 3 Things You Like: Blue Whales. IAMX & Sci-Fi  3 Things You Hate: UK Exchange Rate. Cockroaches & British Lad Mentality . Records Ghosts Of Utopia By IAMX.  Club: Club Cleavage
Name: Ben & Squirrel Age:24 & 22. The Place: Club Cleavage Occupation: Art Student & Accountant 3 Things You Like: Ben: Mashed Potatoes, Scooby Doo & Walking In The Rain. Squirrel : Jaffa Cakes, Yellow Magic Orchestra & Tropical Fish. 3 Things You Hate: Ben: Vanilla Milkshakes. New York & French Bulldogs. Squirrel: Short Men. Cheap Wine, Romantic Gestures & Broomsticks . Record: Ben: Firecracker by Yellow Magic Orchestra. Squirrel : Sex by Berlin Club: Club Cleavage
Name: Zakiya. Age: 22. The Place: Kashpoint. Occupation: Runner For A Production Company. 3 Things You Like. London Club Kids, James Brown & Tennis. 3 Things You Hate: Cheese On Toast. Racism & Nellie. Record: Songs In The Key Of Life by Stevie Wonder. Club: The Cock
Name: Jason. Age: 24. The Place: The Cock. Occupation: Teacher. 3 Things You Like. Yoga. Spring Onions & Leather Trousers . 3 Things You Hate: Bad Manners. Tenants Super & Track Suits. Record: Fade Into You by Mazy Star. Club: The Cock
Name: Tallulah. Age: 20. The Place: Kashpoint. Occupation: A Bright Young Thing. 3 Things You Like. Duran Duran. Cats & Cream Teas. 3 Things You Hate: Leeks. Maggots & Car Horns. Record: Kiss Me by Steven ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy.. Club: Kashpoint
Name Ping. Age 19. The Place: Club Cleavage Occupation: D-List Celebrity 3 Things You Like: Andrew from Littl’an’s. Crying at Sad Songs & Beef Noodles 3 Things You Hate: Being Assumed I’m Gay. Dirty Sheets &Big Brother Record: Rock Action By The Ping Ping Bitch’s Club:
Name: Ruta. Age: 22. The Place: Kashpoint. Occupation: Muse. 3 Things You Like: Snakes, Dismembering Dolls & Glitter On My Eyelashes 3 Things You Hate: Men Who Hiss Pussy at Me In The Streets, Marmite & Eastenders.  Record: Catwalking By Yr Mum Ya Dad Club: Kashpoint.
Name Sigmund. Age 20. The Place: Club Cleavage Occupation: Medical Student 3 Things You Like: Empires, Hereditary Peers & Money, 3 Things You Hate: Homosexuality, Meritocracy & Amnesty International. Record: Vienna Blood by J.Struss. Club: The Mombasa Club
Name: Viktoria.   Age:19 The Place: Lady Luck. Occupation: Model. 3 Things You Like: My Cat, Rolos & Betty Boo. 3 Things You Hate: Hairy Backs, Spiders & Ugly People. Favourite Film: Never Ending Story. Favourite Song: In The City By Stevie Wonder. Favourite Club: Lady Luck..
Name: Badlover. Age: 500. Occupation: Musician. The Place: All You Can Eat. 3 Things You Like: Berlin. Christopher Isherwood & BBQ Chicken Wings. 3 Things You Hate: Questions That Make Me Wish I was Smarter and Wittier. Drunk Straight Boys Who Think They Can Dance & Over Priced/Watered Down Drinks In Clubs. Record: Skeleton by Badlover. Club: Hanky Panky
Name: Chi-Chi. Age: 19. Occupation: Student. The Place: Kashpoint . 3 Things You Like:  Crunchy Nut Cornflakes Gold  & Electro Music . 3 Things You Hate: London Beer Prices The Royal Family & Cheddar Cheese . Record: Deception by La Tigre. Club: Death At The Disco
Name: Yehrin.  Age: 23 The Place: All You Can Eat. Occupation: Illustrator. 3 Things You Like: Young Men, Nu Rave & Super Super Magazine. 3 Things You Hate: Unwilling Young Men, Pineapple & London Transport. Record: Anything By Badlover Club: Computer Blue