JGrrey And Finn Askew Team Up On Hazy New Single ”Lavish”

Blissfully spaced out guitars open the brand new JGrrey and Finn Askew track suitably entitled “Lavish“. Produced by Earl Saga, “Lavish” is an ode to the emotionally exhausted, urging them to take it easy and embrace the good life. Today, the track premieres alongside a striking set of visuals directed by J and produced by Jaimie A Waters and Gabriel Monteregge (JAW Productions). A hugely unique and exciting pairing, “Lavish” boasts both artist’s flair in a new and distinctive light.

Undeniably summery by nature, the track’s production has a lazy, confessional feel, allowing the confidently introspective lyrics to shine. Thematically the single explores the complicated relationship between glamour and happiness, discussing how fast we strive to succeed at the things we want. Instrumentally the entire arrangement is sonic heaven, delivering immaculate vibes that are groovy enough to keep the listeners’ attention yet relaxing enough to zone out too. 

‘Lavish’ is a stunning collaboration that shows precisely why both artists are loved and highly regarded within the UK and globally. Also accompanying the new single are an edgily atmospheric set of visuals in which we see Both J and Finn alongside backup dancers at a neon-lit petrol station and fairground. Elaborating on the visuals, J states:

“The lavish music video is all about the pace that we are constantly trying to keep up. It’s about the speed in which we strive for success to be able to live the lives we want to lead.” 

The director, Jamie (JAW) explains the concept for “Lavish”: 

“When scheming up the Lavish music video, J and I were keen to create a heavily stylized performance piece. Narratively the concept is relatively straightforward, the project depicts a seemingly glamorous journey that is ultimately short-lived – in my mind, this leads to a multitude of ideas surrounding success, false promises, the struggles of fame, and the loneliness that comes with pursuing one’s own ambitions. Conversely the relationship between our protagonists- J and Finn – as well as the performance work of the dancers – highlights the power of a collective force striving to accomplish a shared goal.”

Words: Connor Aiden Fogarty @boypolar