15 Questions With ……………… The Red Red Pets.

  Meet The Red Red Pets, a dynamic three-piece power trio hailing from the heart of Brooklyn’s music scene.  Their music fuses blistering guitar riffs, thunderous rhythms, and soulful vocals, embodying the raw, unapologetic spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Comprised of the formidable talents of Zach Kaye (guitar), Tom Norton (bass), and Greg Henits (drums/vocals), The Red Red Pets draw inspiration from hard rock greats like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, paired with the modern edge of bands like the White Stripes and Black Keys, all while carving out a sound uniquely their own. The band’s inception was serendipitous. Tom and Zach, longtime friends yet never musical collaborators, decided to jam one day, pulling Greg from the band Cry Babi into the mix. Despite their individual musical prowess, none planned to form a band, let alone anticipated that one would go so well. Yet, by the session’s end, they created two original songs, now spotlighted on their inaugural EP “The Morning Man”. Over the past year, they’ve fervently crafted their signature sound, dedicating themselves to writing, recording, and refining their artistry. The Red Red Pets stand out as a testament to the enduring power of swaggy hard rock, and prove that Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution and it certainly isn’t going to die.

OUT NOW: THE NEW EP ‘The Morning Man’