Live Gig Review: Battlesnake

Words and content by Rachel June

Battlesnake appeared out of the foggy abyss as if by magic, gracing Brighton with their powerful presence – strumming their guitars and entertaining audiences at The Great Escape Festival 2024.

The band came from the land down under (Australia), and this was their first time performing in the UK. Priest-like robes, glistening horns and eyes of mad men, the 7 piece theatrical rock band astounded audiences who came out of the show mesmerised, sticking out their metal tongues and lifting their hands on their heads in the shape of horns. 

Crowd surfing, floating across the crowd whilst shredding guitar, and climbing up on the sides of the venue – the band were epic in stage presence. Finishing their performance with one member sporting ‘Battlesnake’ speedos whilst the band screamed ‘The King Is Dead’ before ensuing into mental guitar riffs accompanied by strobe lights. 

Immensely orchestrated sounds of sickening guitar, loud dramatic vocals and extraordinary energy – the band played back-to-back sets of songs with bizarre names like ‘I Am The Vomit’, ‘Nightmare King’ and ‘The Atomic Plough’.

Their musical artistry combined with unique elements of otherworldly lyrics and uniquely strange symphony, hardcore rock energy that lifts crowds and ignites mosh-pits brought joy across people’s faces. Battlesnake is the type of music that brings people together.

We advise that you enter the narrow gate and listen to Battlesnake, or better yet, go and see them live as they venture across the UK and worldwide on their tour, expected to return to the UK in September. Follow them here.