Meet: Hutch

Words by Rachel June

Photos by Marlon Spiteri and Freja Drewek

Photo by Marlon Spiteri

The kooky, charming and loveable Brighton-based band of Hutch performed at their favourite venue ‘Green Door Store’ in Brighton, on Friday the 15th of March 2024, as part of their ‘Smile and Wave’ tour, adventuring across the UK.

Accompanied by stunning visuals courtesy of Inner Strings, fans gathered and danced to the light and bright, soothing scrumptious sounds. Hutch are Beach Boys and Beatles-esque, having taken musician inspirations from 1960’s musical icons. Their sound is tropical and sunny – with satisfying guitar, and vocals that harmonise naturally. Pair that with an element of randomness, they provide a place to escape the mundane and enter the bizarre and brilliant dreamland of Hutch. 

Hutch have a unique quality, having fun on stage, not taking themselves seriously and showing off their weirdly wonderful personalities.

Their music has unexpected pacing and takes listeners through a whimsical wonderland and a variety of interesting elements. The band works cohesively and flows through the melodies. They are visibility enjoying themselves and connecting with audiences, as they are musically intertwined – creating beautiful sounds. 

Photo by Marlon Spiteri

“We’re often inspired by nature and the greens and blues of the countrysides and the seasides we live near. Another reminder that being still or subtle or everchanging is a perfectly natural thing and we try to take that into our songs, too” (Hutch)

Photo by Marlon Spiteri

We got a chance to get inside the minds of the ‘quirky quartet’ formed of JP, Dan, Charlie, and Owen.

1. What was the inspiration for your latest 2024 single ‘Ice on the Lake’?

We took a walk whilst on tour last year in the middle of a crazy snowy day – everywhere was completely white like an explosion of flour at a bakery! We wandered down past a house that we were 75% sure was Hugh Lawries’ and tried to break the ice in a huge frozen lake – unfortunately the ice won… but we had a truly wholesome day that we loved! 

2. How did you all meet?

Dan and JP met from across the garden fence, as they were neighbours from 9 years old. In Brighton, 11 years later, they were living with Charlie who joined on bass, and who they already knew had a lovely delicate voice from his time playing in other projects. They practised early songs through lockdown, working on their harmonies in the conservatory. Then, when asked last minute if he would join in on a rehearsal, Owen glided into the band like a quiet and gentle albatross. Since then, there haven’t been many days we’ve been apart. 

3. Where did your band name originate from?

Have you ever seen the greatest film starring plasticine characters ever made – Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the wererabbit? They had a sweet little rabbit fellow called Hutch, and it was love at first sight!

4. What is your favourite gig you’ve performed and why?

Our favourite gig so far was supporting Gitkin in Berlin! Dan was having a sleepy day after plenty of long drives and late nights – but came alive on stage at the Berghain Kantine in a comeback of Lazarus-type proportions –  we had an amazing time! 

5. Who/what are your musical inspirations?

Musically, we are all lovers of the greats of the 60’s – especially the Beatles’ more psychedelic records like Magical Mystery Tour. Their strange song topics and shifting song styles are a reminder that things don’t have to be any one way, but we can change songs to however we feel is best. So many contemporary artists that we love (and even some we are lucky enough to have played alongside) have kept us challenging what artists can do, especially in times of homogenous songs and short TikTok style music. Bands like Do Nothing, Hannah Cohen, Trudy and the Romance, Her’s, King Gizzard, to name a few. 

In the same way, we’re often inspired by nature and the greens and blues of the countryside and the seasides we live near. Another reminder that being still or subtle or everchanging is a perfectly natural thing and we try to take that into our songs, too. 

6. How did lockdown shape you as artists and individuals?

Lockdown was of course a very strange time for everyone, but for us it was a great launching pad as instead of rushing straight into gigging as soon as possible we had time to marinade in our songs juices, chopping and changing until we had a perfectly delectable dish that we were happy with! We spent months rehearsing our new songs without ever knowing if lockdown would lift and we would be able to play a show – so when the time came we felt ready to grab the bull by the horns and give it our best!

7. 3 words to describe ‘Hutch’?

Hmmm…. I think we’ll go with 

“twang-pop post-yacht-rock soft-psych” 

or maybe 

“chill lil’ guys” 

Oh wait…

“Smile and wave”

That’s good!

8. Where is your favourite place in Brighton & or memory?

We have so many favourite places In Brighton… here’s some of our personal favourites though!;

The sunny beach in summer – there’s nothing like it!

Gigs at our favourite venue in the whole wide world – the Green Door store!

A couple sweet lil’ beers (or a cocktail if you’re feeling fancy) at the Rossi bar! 

And finally – a roast at the Earth and Stars – yum! 

9. What is your song-writing process?

Luckily, we have 4 people who have all written for and fronted bands in the past. It means one of us will bring an idea to the room, and we can all work it out together – to serve the song! Saying that, we often talk about the idea for a song, something fun and maybe find a narrative for it, and when we have some music to put it to we look back at some ideas and see what fits. 

10. What’s in store for 2024?

We’re currently (as we write this!) on tour around the UK as we’ve just released our debut EP, ‘Smile and Wave’ – you should totally check it out! 

We expect 2024 to be filled with lots of writing, some festivals and a busy ol’ end to the year before we settle down for Christmas dinner again! Yeehaw! 

Photo by Freja Drewek

Go and experience Hutch for yourself and check out their upcoming gigs here: Hutch Live

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