Words By Semper Azeez-Harris First published In ASBO Magazine Issue 14

Greek band of “high energy” post pop punk to their native country. Blasting onto the scene in 2017 with their ep Escape Rovte, the trio are indeed at the upper echelons of the Greek music scene. Headed by their singer Chrysa (aka demigod) with her thunderous, vocals, they are a tour de force of musical energy. It was time for a brief convo with Chrysa to talk post pop punk in Greece, the group’s musical journey and plans to break into the UK music scene.
So, tell us how the band came together? Was it a lovely accident or something that was well thought out?
Me (Chrysa) and Jim (the guitarist) actually out? met way before Evan joined the band. We were kind of in the same group of friends. At the beginning of our friendship, we started a conversation about music and what we wanted
to do in our lives and eventually, the idea of creating a band came up. Nothing special, but nothing planned.
Before talking about you, talk to us about post pop-punk what does that mean to you and how do you incorporate that?
We’ve seen many cool new bands in the scene in the last years. The pop-punk and emo sound has evolved rapidly, both in production and song writing levels. But what we feel we miss is the high energy of this culture. We want to offer the tension that this genre, rock, and roll, in general, is built on. Expressing our feelings about love,
insecurities (and more) while managing to do that as intensely as we can.
Is it difficult becoming successful in Greece with Well, being in a band in Greece your chosen genre?
isn’t the easiest thing to do
. Many bands and hard-working musicians exist, but there’s no actual scene. In the last few years, Greek people have been into music like trap or Greek pop, so young rock and metal fans tend to be less and less year by year. In our case, we spent thousands of hours in the studio giving breath to our art as specifically as we could and that gave us
a huge boost in our first steps

Escape Rovte what made this the perfect ep to launch you and indeed looking at that ep now how At the time, that ep was the do you feel about it? At the time that EP was the best thing that we could put out. We truly put so much work into it, and we had been working on it for months. Of course, now when we listen to it, there are many things that we could do differently
and that we would want to change. As awkward as it might be today, I wouldn’t change a thing about it because it was the beginning of everything.

There was a change in line up talk to us more about that and was there ever a fear the band would end. Changing almost the whole line-up was a really scary choice we had to make. At the beginning of the band, things would roll smoothly for all of us, but when we made it clear that we wanted to take the whole thing more seriously, not all of us were willing to follow. At that point, changing our line-up. was inevitable, and we were lucky that right at the moment of this decision, Evan showed up. It was like a sign that having him in the band was meant to be. It took some time to build the whole band from the start, but it was totally worth it!
You had a number 1 post the change in line-up. Talk about the emotions and indeed how did that impact
Well, on the one hand your surge in popularity?
Of course it was kind of difficult to let fellow mates go. It almost felt like a breakup, to be honest. But we knew that this was the right decision we were following our vision, so we had to stay loyal to the dream. In the end, things started to take the shape we were expecting, so that was a big reward.

With the new line-up, we felt more connected to our goals, and people seemed to and tuned notice that. Talk to us about being ‘famous’ has that been It’s been difficult ? It’s been difficult on my wallet. I have buy new clothes every time I get out cause fans are ripping mine off. Also, the paparazzi camera lights are kind of blinding me. If that keeps going, I will move to Tibet and become a monk. I can’t
handle all that fame. Do you have a wish to break the UK and other Countries? That’s the reason we started! We love countries? our music but understand it’s not a sound that Greece necessarily loves. The UK or other European countries are definitely where our music would be admired, and of course, we
would find way more motivation to get better at interacting with such active scenes. Can you tell us what is happening this year in terms of releases and forth coming projects? We are in the middle of composing some videos? tracks that will be released this year as singles with music videos, of course. You can expect quite a powerful and refreshing year for us. You may see some new concepts as well.