New Release: Emileo – Northside Lament

Emileo, a Berlin-born Dublin based musician releases intriguing new track ‘Northside Lament’ on Feb 16th as part of their upcoming EP ‘A thief of Mother’s milk’. The EP will be available to listen to on April 5th 2024. Pushing the boundaries and stepping out of her comfort zone, this inspiring newcomer tackles hard-hitting themes whilst taking influences from techno music – resulting in a truly unique track. 

Emileo close up

The song has a transcendent and otherworldly feel, with strong emotionally packed lyrics. “You’ve lost yourself to the beauty of destruction” poetically describing the allure of going against authority, but causing pain along the way. Emileo comments that “the song reflects on the night of the 23rd of November 2023 when toxic white masculinity fills Dublin’s streets with fascist horror and hatred.” She speaks about this with the lyrics “It must be dark down there in the depth of your despair.” 

Emileo’s track reminds her of home; the fast-paced techno infused city of Berlin – where “dark techno reminisces in the melancholy of forgotten dreams” (Emileo). Her distinct voice hums over familiar, trippy and dance-worthy beats. Taking the listener to a place where dark rooms filled with glistening lights shine over bodies, as crowds escape into the music.

Emileo looking at the camera infront of a coastal scene

Writing the song from a place of hurt, Emileo describes how “it breaks me to see that you are so full of hate and I can hear your cries for help. You deserve to be healed but what you’ve done is beyond disgraceful”. Sympathising with the retaliation of anger and the repercussions of not being heard, she describes how “It broke my heart to see how many people in Dublin feel so neglected that it was such a pleasure for them to destroy their city as if it wasn’t their home”.

‘Northside Lament’ contains hope and promise. The trancy techno fast-paced beats transport the listener to an adventure where anything is possible. A ‘road trip worthy’ song exuding main character energy. 

emileo sat back in a chair with a bottle of milk

Emileo reached recognition from the late Sinéad O’Connor, who chose Emileo for the BA Commercial Modern Music Scholarship. (BIMM Dublin).

Stay tuned for exciting and fresh new music from Emileo, as she continues to enjoy creating, singing, and writing, with her unique sound making waves in the music scene. 

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