Videodrome: Lambrini Girls: God’s Country

Originally from Brighton, the two piece are Phoebe Lunny (Vocals/Guitar – she/they) and Lilly Macieira (Bass – she/they).

 ‘God’s Country’ was recorded by Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox in the deep dark days of December. They fuelled themselves with Christmas lights and Guinness until Lilly’s bass sounded like a jet engine taking off and Phoebe blew her voice out. It’s their long, overdue call-out of the government, the rise of the far right, and why Britain isn’t so great

Lambrini Girls are loud, bad and dangerous to know. With innovative & fanatic lyrics delivered by Phoebe Lunny this track is ‘God Save The Queen’ updated with a call to arms for todays youth. If you haven’t heard them don’t worry you will.