VIDEODROME: Calva Louise – Under the Skin

Calva Louise has revealed the extraordinary cinematic Sci-Fi video for their new song, Under the Skin.

The British based band is truly International with its members hailing from across the globe and has been ripping through the U.K. underground for the past few years, driven by the creative vision of Venezuelan born Jess Allanic (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard) along with French born Alizon Taho (Bass/Backing Vocals – France) and New Zealander Ben Parker (Drums/Backing Vocals).
 Under the Skin was co-written by Allanic and Pendulum’s Gareth McGrillen and is a mesmerising blend of raging metal riffs, swirling electronica, and Allanic’s extraordinary ability to flit between ethereal vocals and demonic howls. It swoons in and out of a stunning narrative, with melodic twists along the way that are penetrated by an attack of hypnotic aggression.
 Under The Skin follows a complex Sci-Fi narrative and is the introduction of a conceptual storyline about the characters and their counterparts called the Doubles. Talking about the song, Allanic says, “The lyrics deal with the obstacles that arise between them as one is looking for freedom and the other is looking to perpetuate their consciousness, but the expectations are not the same for both sides.”
 The video is a feast for the eye and was directed and edited with VFX by Jess Allanic. This first single release is accompanied by Calva Louise’s most ambitious music video production, including a Sci-Fi movie-style short film telling a story about parallel dimensions where the characters are looking to perpetuate their consciousness beyond the real world.