London based artist Charles is back with a brand new ethereal single ‘Dirty Little secret’


As one of London’s underground music scene’s most hard working artists, Charles has released a slew of self-produced projects which have caught the eye of several big wigs, such as BBC and Gucci. Proving that not only does he have the talent but also the hard work ethic to back it up.

Charles’ latest offering ‘Dirty Little Secret’ is an honest and spine tingling single which shines a brutal light on the harsh realities of the corporate world’s views on those who do not fit the mould. Despite having written the track around 4 years ago, the message is just as prevalent today as it has ever been. 

Recent times have seen the number of gay hate crimes rising, conversion therapy debates ongoing, homophobic chants being roared at live sporting event and laws being passed to eliminate the existence of queer individuals. Charles has therefore set his sights on exposing the half hearted attempts of the corporate world to help further the plight of the LGBTQIA+ who do nothing more than adding a rainbow to their branding once a year. 

Charles’ chilling vocals are a raw and unadulterated window into the lengths that the world still has to go until we are all on a level playing field. Although simple his lyrics neatly wrap his feelings up in a nice little bow, and go a long way to prove that during 2022, Charles is set to explode and will never be anyone’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’.

The soulful offering ‘Dirty Little Secret’ is out today, January 26th.

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Words: Dylan Hannigan