New Release: Eliza Rose & The Martinez Brothers – Pleasure Peak

Words by Jonny Hayes

The sun came out just as I pressed play on Eliza Rose & The Martinez Brothers’ new release ‘Pleasure Peak’. Maybe the tune has a magic spell woven into it because I’m pretty sure there’s a beach rave materialising around me right now, why can I smell barbecue and why is there a vodka Red Bull in my hand? If that’s painting the picture of Ibiza then you’re right here with me as we hike ‘Pleasure Peak‘.

 ‘Pleasure Peak’ gets going right from the first bar with a pumping house rhythm providing the bed for the song’s rather cheeky chorus. Eliza Rose’s provocative vocal could be tonally reminiscent of Erykah Badu however comparisons end there because Eliza’s vocals are glistening like the sun off the rolling waves of Chicago house. The Martinez Brothers providing a pulsing beat and Eliza the throbbing hook.

Admittedly the bashful might shy away from belting the refrain of “I wanna get you deep deep deep inside of me” and just nod along to the beat, but the tune has got the flow and is a bit of an earworm.  Eliza has exploded on the UK underground scene since her 2022 collaboration with Interplanetary Criminal on ‘B.O.T.A. (Baddest if them All)’ which has earned platinum certification. ‘Pleasure Peak’ is questing for those same heights. 

Locking eyes and dragging you to the dance floor to thrust your hips ‘Pleasure Peak is out now…