Multi-Talented Singer-Songwriter Dreya Mac Returns with Latest Track Entitled ‘Use Your Body’

Photo Credit: Max Cheshire

Hailing from West London, Dreya Mac has been causing a stir within the UK scene over the past few years. Becoming known for her versatility, charisma and talent on the microphone, Dreya has released various highly praised releases throughout the past year, first arriving on people’s radars with her debut single ‘Skippin’ which gained over 600k streams, she also received wide praise for her recent performance of her track ‘Time’ on ‘Colors’ Youtube channel which gained over 340K views in just the first three weeks.

Dreya has now revealed her latest track, entitled ‘Use Your Body’, a lush, romantic, afro-swing banger. The track is filled with infectious drum patterns which draw you in, as trumpets and guitars weave without creating an engaging afro-swing sonic. ‘Use Your Body’ is endlessly listenable and exudes romance. Lyrically, Dreya perfectly complements the sensual theme of the track with her providing various lyrical declarations that encourage her love interest to move her body.

Dreya has always been creative, starting as a dancer and the famous BRIT School in London when she was 14. Recently Dreya has used her dance background to her advantage, amassing a huge following on Tik Tok through her various entertaining videos of her creating and performing dances.

Seductive, charismatic and captivating, ‘Use Your Body’ is a perfect representation of what makes Dreya Mac such a popular new artist and is just a small taste of what’s to come on her debut EP arriving later this year.

Words: David Pratt