The Ceridwen Collection


Renowned Fashion Designer JAYNE PIERSON Unveils Groundbreaking Collection at London Fashion Week, In
collaboration with 3D Printing Innovators Stratasys.
Celebrated fashion designer JAYNE PIERSON captivated the audience at London Fashion Week with her latest
collection encompassing a blend of Celtic mythology, sustainable fashion, and cutting-edge direct-to-textile 3D
printing technology from Stratasys. In a spectacular showcase of creativity and innovation, this collection not only
pushed the boundaries of fashion but also underscored the importance of sustainability and ethical practices in the
The Ceridwen collection, inspired by Celtic mythology and the Mabinogion, offered a glimpse into a world of
enchantment and transformation. At its heart lies the character of Ceridwen, a shape-shifting enchantress and the
Celtic goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration. PIERSON’s collection beautifully weaves together
elements of myth, folklore, and history, redefining fashion as a medium for storytelling. Deep rooted in inspiration,
the collection exuded organic shapes, nature, culminated in a range of iridescent components that served as
amulets, adorning the garments and empowering the wearers.