15 Questions With Cowz

COWZ was founded by Saga Wahlström and Natasha ‘Tasha’ Nicholl in 2021 with the goal of delivering some hard-hitting truths, with enough glitter and frills to get you dancing.

Cowz are a Brighton-based duo with music that can only be described as “Bubble-gum pop in dire need of therapy”. The group was founded by Saga Wahlström and Natasha ‘Tasha’ Nichols in 2021 with the goal of delivering some hard-hitting truths, with enough glitter and frills to get you dancing.

Most Fun I’ve Had in Ages’ is the long-awaited release from Brighton alt-pop duo, COWZ. With their music previously being described as ‘psychotic’ by Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, the pair live up to this description in their debut single.

‘Most Fun I’ve Had In Ages’ is out on the 30th November 2023 and will be followed by two more singles and an EP in 2024.

Photo by Rebecca Too

  1. For someone that is yet to discover COWZ in 5 words how would you describe yourself.
    Tasha: Unhinged.
    Saga: Fresh, boppy, c*nty (if we can’t use that impressive lol), unique
  2. How did you get together?
    Saga: Tasha was living with four boys at the time, and I my housemate moved back to
    Sweden because of Covid, so we both desperately needed new housemates. We didn’t know
    each other at all at this point but our vibes together were immaculate, so Tash moved in
    with me and the rest is history.
  3. What’s the story behind the name?
    Tasha: Saga’s beloved hamster that they had at the time was called Cow (RIP babe, adorable
    little dwarf hamster who was very nervous but loving!). Anyway, the z just added itself. And
    also it kind of takes inspo from ‘Bratz’.
  4. Where do you feel you fit into the music landscape?
    Saga: I think if we have to fit ourselves into a space, it’s smack bang in the middle of commercial pop music and alternative pop.
    Tasha: The way I usually describe it to people is like that, but also some of the tracks could fit perfectly on the Misfits 2.0 Spotify playlist.
  5. What other artists or bands do you draw inspiration from?
    Tasha: Ash Nikko, Charli XCX
    Saga: Marina, G-Idle
  6. What’s currently in the pipeline for the rest of 2023 & 2024 for you?
    Saga: Our debut single is out on the 30th November, and then we have a couple more singles
    coming out in the new year before our EP release next year.
    Tasha: We also have a few more gigs in London and Brighton before the end of the year, and
    you can find tickets on our socials if you want to come and see what we’re all about…
  7. How do differ you from other artists/bands ?
    Tasha: we just have entirely different aesthetics to each other, and that bleeds into not only
    the music, but how we present ourselves stylistically and in our marketing.
    Saga: to put it simply, Tasha is pretty edgy (alternative) and I’m very bubble-gum-pop-esque.
  8. What can fans expect from your new Single?
    Saga: bouncy production and an authentic presentation of female rage. (It’s about a
    housewife seeking revenge on an abusive husband).
  9. Who would you most like to collaborate with artistically?
    Tasha: Chappell Roan. Easy. I just feel like a lot of her music has similar traits to ours, but
    ours is a little more alternative and we could make some iconic tracks together – but yeah, I
    just think she’s so charismatic and so funny. That would be a dream. ‘The Rise and Fall of a
    Midwest Princess’ is in my top 5 albums of 2023, 100.%
    Saga: I honestly love G-Idle, they have so much range and they’re so incredibly talented.
    They really inspire a lot of of the COWZ production and I love that they’re self-produced.
  10. What was your worst performance?
    Saga: When we opened the Beach Stage for The Great Escape this year, I had a migraine and
    Tasha was really sick so between us we remember maybe 5 minutes of the set between us?
    Tasha: We got really good feedback actually, but we’re not 100% sure if we believe it.
    11: What was the most difficult obstacle you have ever faced and
    how did you overcome it?
    Saga: As with any other indie artist, money and funding is always the hardest thing to
    overcome. We constantly push ourselves to get better and to think of creative ways on how
    to produce high quality content without the involvement of additional parties.
    Tasha: Honestly I’d say our biggest blessing is that we are self-produced, Saga is a really
    talented producer and she’s always pushing herself to become better.
    12: How does your creative process work – do you work with
    others or is there just you?
    Saga: We mostly work just the two of us. We don’t really need anyone else and when we do
    have sessions with others it’s either for fun, or it’s for another artist. We are both such
    opposites creatively and have fine-tuned our writing process, so including others can
    sometimes be a bit odd.
    Tasha: We make jokes all the time about our brains being connected by Bluetooth because
    we feel so telepathic, so adding another person can be quite hard.
    13: Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
    Tasha: I mean we have the usual metaphors and clever one liners in our music, but I would
    say that most of it is straight forward. Myself and Saga are both very direct and
    confrontational people, and I do feel as though that is reflected in our music. We’re
    absolutely not afraid to talk about what matters to us.
    14: Who would you like to see Live past or present and why?
    Tasha: I would die to see Miley Cyrus again. She was my first gig in 2009 (I think I was 10?!). I
    know she’s stopped touring, which I of course respect, but yeah I just love her.
    Saga: I need to see My Chemical Romance at least once before I die to honour my inner
    child. If anyone wants to hook us up for When We Were Young festival, we definitely won’t
    say no

Photo by Rebecca Too