The Sket Gala: Street Style Special

Images by Sasha L Wilding

Name: Porphyria Age: Unknown Occupation: Deity Name : Pop Tart Age: 27 3 Things You Like: The Sound Of Turmoil. Occupation: PR and Media Assistant and part A Lack Of Light & Focaccia time clown 3 things You Hate: Blonde hair, Fascists 3 Things You Like: Eurovision, Coronation & The Monarchy Street & Tennis Favourite Film: Woman In Black 3 things You Hate: Tories, Horses & Favourite Club: I’m afraid I sadly don’t have a regular Ice skating club that remains free of controversy Favourite Film: The Devil Wears Prada Favourite Track: Aurora temporary high acoustic Favourite Club: Wharf Chambers ……………………………………………………… Favourite Music Track: Take It Off by Kesha

Name: Jack (in Leopard Print) Age: 31 Occupation: DJ & Promoter . 3 Things You Like: Knitwear, Polyester & Shoehorning ‘The Harrying of the North’ into a conversation 3 things You Hate: Cheese, Tories & Apathy. Favourite Film: The Fellowship Of The Rings. Favourite Club: GYRATORY. Favourite Track: Every Man Every Woman by Yoko Ono & Blow-Up

Name: June Age: 21 Occupation: Student 3 Things You Like: Going out, Art & Weird looking Cats 3 things You Hate: Tomatoes, Capitalism & Tequila Favourite Film: I struggle so much finding favourite things so I will just say a film I recently liked: Annihilation Favourite Club: Not a club but rat party and Beaver works Favourite Track: Again I’m so bad with favourite things but maybe Kamaz by DJ blyatman and dlb or Hop Hop Hop by MCR-T and horsegiir

Name: Liv Vicariously / Herbie Potatoes Age: 25 . Occupation: Drag King. 3 Things You Like: Twiglets, Dragon Soup & Attention. 3 things You Hate: Quavers, Aperol & Silence Favourite Film: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri . Favourite Club: Lock The Doors at Wharf Chambers . Favourite Track: Heavy Cross by Gossip

Name: Barb D’Wyer (also featured in Issue 14 Street Style) Age: 25 . Occupation: Drag Queen, Graphic Designer & Events Putter-Onner. 3 Things You Like: Hot Weather, Platform Shoes & Animals. 3 things You Hate: The Tories, The Royal Family & Mushrooms. Favourite Film: Spirited Away. Favourite Club: GYRATORY @ wharf chambers . Favourite Track: Harness Your Hopes by Pavement

Name: Cat (on the right) Age: 25 . Occupation: Funemployed due to the Tory government not funding mental health care . 3 Things You Like: Chocolate, Long walks in nature & Stealing from Waitrose 3 things You Hate: That I don’t have a cock, that Waitrose caught me stealing & that hospitality is such an awful profession if you care. Favourite Film: Crimson Peak. Favourite Club: Wharf Chambers coz where else have we got apart from sheaf on Thursdays? . Favourite Track: Jockstraps’ Wet

Name: Miss Sour Candy Age: 22 . Occupation:  Work in insurance when I’m not in drag. 3 Things You Like: I Love Performing , Mugler & Men. 3 things You Hate: Men, Coffee & Jess Glynn Favourite Club: White hotel in Manchester . Favourite Track: Anything Kim Petra’s preferably from the Slut Pop Album