Sukie Dreams of an arthouse party for new song ‘Heart Emoji’

A video in tribute to times lost and missed opportunities, Heart Emoji is an ode to those lost parties that the pandemic took away.

With sparce singular synths that feel like the radar of a lost space ship alongside sharp drums, Sukie partners indie vocals with pop sensibilities in Heart Emoji. Duncan Pym’s production creates a dreamy indie track that yearns for personal connection.

The music video opens up on a street as we are led into a party, the music starts. Wearing a ballooning orange puffy dress and a sparkly full face headpiece, Sukie walks into a room illuminated in a deep red. People are drinking from fishbowl size glasses with Sukie standing in the background, an observer.

She moves through a series of vignettes, always being the center of focus but never center of the action. From a group of people all giving a man a makeover in one room, to the azure light of a bathroom with a group of women crying on a loo together. Reminiscent of the grief scene in Midsommar, but with more glitter.

Sukie’s vocals are treated with reverb to give them that soft indie sound, whilst she sings on the themes of loneliness, in a down tempo tone. Chimes and synth makes the bridge feel like a nursery rhyme for adults.

Sukie’s lyrics are heartfelt, yearning for the simplest of things, ‘a haribo ring’ and the verse’s refrain that a connection would be ‘automatic’. Written after her interrupted third year of university, this is an ode to all those missed opportunities that the end of university would bring.

A desire for physical connection, Sukie watches other people enjoy themselves, evoking a collective fomo for our ears. Sukie is always presented but alone, watching this party happen around her. Quietly poignant, Sukie’s songwriting is well crafted and emotional.

You can hear Sukie’s work on Spotify and on Instagram @sukierecords

Photos by My Perfect Cousin