Playlist: Otala Unleash their Newest Single ‘Commedia’

‘Commedia’ opens with a deceptive calm, with gentle guitars and wistful sax lines, luring the listener into false senses of security. Obscure and haunting lyrics review a discordant social landscape, while layers of disarray are peeled back with an angular noise-rock scalpel and their atypical song structure.
Spoken vocals guide through a twisted labyrinth of screeching stabs and unsettling flurries of cacophony. ‘Commedia’ pushes and pulls from the shadows of a uniquely unsettling terrain. Talking about the release further, Otala share that “Delving into the disjointed nature of society,‘Commedia’ is a track we’ve been developing as a band over the past year that we hope shows a sense of growth from our first EP.”