What’s music without vulnerability? 141414 by Yung SBK

Yung SBK’s new tune “sbk – 141414 / Let Go” is a melancholic bop. I’d say this song is his most raw art, he was able to talk about suicide and mental hardships. The symbolism within this song is very important in understanding the gravity of the lyrics and the purity of the beat; it somewhat represents how mental health can be dismissed, because we can easily fall for the pursuit for short term enjoyment.

When creating the music video, I wanted to emulate the feeling of dissociation and disconnection from your own mind. Stop-motion was the best option, I was able to play with the saturation and motion of the video, the video communicates chaos, this feeling of having chaos in your own mental sanctuary and that inner chaos sometimes bleeds into your quotidian routine.

I’d say this is Yung SBK’S most vulnerable song, which is quite refreshing especially being in the scene that he is in. It must be hard for male rappers to talk about their mental vulnerabilities. Sometimes Vulnerability in music brings a sense of humanity, as consumers of music we are hypnotised by the mirage of success, success seems to be
more complex and not only fulfilled by material possessions. What is Success?

Words, pics and video by Blue Kizozo

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