Central Cee’s slick flow and clean production in new track ‘Cold Shoulder’ effortlessly emulates his past and journey

Coming hot off a Brit Award Nomination for Best New Artist and for Best Hip Hop/Grime/Rap Act, Central Cee is proving himself to be a big player in the UK Drill and Rap scene. On this new track he teams up again with the producer Young Chencs to produce a confident and low-key track.

We are treated to a softer beat and edm inspired vocal tones that are mixed well in with the track. The bass is thick and grimy in the background, with the latter half of the track Chencs pulls the beat away to make the lyrics hit harder. 

Central Cee’s bars are confident as he raps about remembering his upbringing, whilst others ‘they made some changes and forgot their roots’. Even shouting out to his producer in a later verse, this song tells of where Cee is destined to go and that he has outgrown his routes. It feels braggadocios but in the knowledge of where he came from. Genuine and bright, this Cold Shoulder feels real and a promise of a better bright future for this London Rapper. Guessing from Chenc’s Instagram that this could be one song in a new mixtape dropped later this year, then the whole record might be revolutionary. 

Words: Peter Wellman