Doom Trap Rising Star Mimi Barks Returns with New Track and Video ‘Suicide’

Mimi Barks new song ‘Suicide’ is out today along with the much anticipated music video, made in collaboration with ASBO Magazine.

Listen here and watch here.

Earlier this year ASBO had the pleasure of sitting down with Mimi for an exclusive ASBO Meets: Mimi Barks

Mimi Barks is an artist that most definitely lives up to her name. Hailing from Berlin, the UK-based Trap-Metal songstress is the self-proclaimed queen of what she describes as ‘Doom Trap’, a more profound extension of the Trap-Metal genre, which lyrically contains more dread and despair, something she believes more people can relate to. Releasing her debut EP ‘Enter the Void’ back in 2019, Mimi has been on a severe uprising, garnering the attention of many along the way, whether the response is good or bad.

Inspired by the likes of The Sex Pistols, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Nu-Metal, Hip-Hop, alienation, and anger, Mimi’s music promises a guttural and unfiltered exploration of even the darkest of human emotions, unafraid to grit its teeth at anyone who simply can’t handle its explosive nature. We sat down with Mimi to discuss her musical beginnings, creative process and her upcoming album ‘DEADGIRL’.

Mimi Barks

So, you’re originally from Western Germany. I know you moved to Berlin for quite some time before relocating to London. Can you tell us about your journey into becoming an artist and how you first started making music?

I grew up in a metal-dominated city, so that shit’s in my blood, but I’ve always listened to Hip Hop/Rap. I never thought about what would work in the music industry. I started featuring metal bands in western Germany, got into techno in Berlin, mixed that with raspy rap vocals, and eventually got to work with the likes of muppy, NUIXGE, and KILL FVRGO on their beats in London; that’s where I’m at now.

So recently, you released your brand new single ‘Grind’ alongside a killer set of visuals. Could you tell us a bit about the story behind the song?

Can’t nurture a seed without water and warmth,

Can’t fix someone when you’re broken inside

Push down to feel superior

Watched the spark ignite the fire 

And turn to ash

And it’s too late to realise

That you can’t love anybody

When you despise yourself.

Think about it…

Mimi Barks
Mimi Barks

How do you usually go about shooting visuals? Do you like to collaborate with directors, or do you prefer to have more creative control?

I’m heavily involved in every creative process, such as artwork, videos, music, photography, and so on. I’m a control freak in every sense, and I can be a pain in the ass when people try and interfere with my vision. Luckily my team rides the same wave, so it’s really just a back and forth of creative input. I usually choose a location and bring ideas on what the atmosphere should be.

What or who has been your most significant influence as an artist?

A fucked-up youth, Berlin Techno, and The Prodigy. Keith Flint hugely influenced what I do musically as well as how I perform on stage.

Mimi Barks
Mimi Barks
Mimi Barks

Your sound is such a concoction of different genres. How would you describe or try to define the sound you create in your productions, and what inspired the blend of sounds?

I found that Doom Trap represented what I have to say and what I was about. I wanted to separate my music from the Trap Metal Scene and needed to give it a stamp. Doom Trap, for me, is more in-depth regarding lyrical output. It has more despair and dread in it. It’s also more self-reflective rather than trying to act up. The overall atmosphere is darker and heavier.

I know you have a few upcoming festival slots and shows. What can fans expect to see and hear from your performances?

A full-on metal show paired with gnarly trap beats. An intense light show and the audience getting kicked right back into the circle pit. 

Words: David Pratt

Images: Max Auberon