Esme Emerson Release New EP and Announce Their Debut Headline Show

British-Chinese sibling duo Esme Emerson unveil their highly anticipated EP ‘Big Leap, No Faith, Small Chancer’ alongside a celebratory debut headline show at Folklore on the 9th of October.

The new EP is the second from the duo and comes 2 years after their debut project ‘S for Sugar, D for Dog’, the project adding to their highly regarded discography almost 3 years since the pair first blessed listeners with their debut single.

Esme Emerson had this to say about their new project, “This EP is about wanting to be good and kind and nice, but sometimes not feeling that way,” note Esme and Emerson. “It’s about the shame and guilt brought about by rumination and human mistakes. It’s about loving so ardently and so deeply, and how scary that can be. It’s about avoiding love so ardently and deeply, and how lonely that can be. Ultimately, it’s about the trials and tribulations of our adolescence and young adulthood. It’s a sincere reflection and a creative manifestation of both our insecurities and our growth.”

The new project comes accompanied by a new video for their single ‘Fade Out.

The EP can be found everywhere you get your music, with sign-ups for access to tickets for their debut show available here.