Yonghao Xie SS23 at London Fashion Week

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Describing his aesthetic as “darkness, authentic and contemporary”, Yonghao focuses on technical deconstruction and prints, creating menswear and womenswear that is strong and conceptual. In the collection of YONGHAO XIE, the theme always revolves around the dark side of the current natural environment and social status. YONGHAO XIE does not bear to witness the earth being polluted and destroyed in different forms, and setting targets to depicting the vision of a better world in the future.

The theme of the collection, “INTO A BETTER WORLD,” revolves around the serious damage to the natural environment caused by electronic waste, nuclear pollution, and war. YONGHAO XIE aims to make more people pay attention to environmental protection and build a utopia of a better living space.

Fashion Scout, London, 18th September 2022. Yonghao Xie present their Spring Summer 2023 designs as part of London Fashion Week.©Chris Yates/ Chris Yates Media

Words and Images: Black PR