New Release: Fieves – All We Do Is Talk

Manchester-based duo Fieves return with new single ‘All we do is Talk’ featuring London-based rapper DJ Verbz. The rapper/producer duo return with their mellow beat and relaxed delivery on their new track ‘All we do is talk’, with the pair exploring the ideas and rat race mentality prevalent among young creatives in fiercely competitive inner city environments.

The new release adds to the duo’s burgeoning discography with ‘All we do is talk’ joining ‘Loss is loss’ and ‘Million faces’ on the list of the pair’s releases in 2023. 

The duo formed of rapper Finnerz and producer DJ Yves jones, began their careers in Manchester and they have somewhat outgrown the city with their sounds of relaxed conscious rap mixed with UK dance beats. ASBO spoke with the duo earlier this year about everything Fieves, which can be read here.

The group are always supporting other artists with their self created platform titled ’Barz in carz’, where the pair ride around in Yves car with guest artists performing in the backseat over a Yves produced beat.

Fieves are still in the early stages of their career and are already making a heavy impact. The pairs new single ‘All we do is talk’ is available to listen to here: