VIDEODROME: Southern Stream – Only Love

Southern Stream is a brand-new project by Slaven Kopanja.

Slaven’s first public performance in the UK was in London, in the winter of 1992/93. The gig was open air; the venue – Edgware Road subway. Slaven was busking with a friend, who like Slaven, arrived in the UK from the war-torn Bosnia only a few months earlier. Barely surviving on the streets of London, they played songs from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Guns and Roses… just to get by in those early days.

Fast forward to 2024, and get ready for the debut album featuring the title track “Only Love,” released on 10th May. This timeless hit offers a universal message that will resonate with both younger and older listeners for years to come.

Only Love was written on the banks of the Thames on two consecutive spring days in May 2023; the verses in Oxford and the chorus in Chiswick, London. The song, as the title suggests, considers one’s pursuit of love as the main driving force for an individual, making it, in Leonard Cohen’s words, “the only engine of survival”.

If rock and roll songs sound best when they come from the genuine experience of the street and adversity, then Sothern Stream’s Only Love album is the place you can find it. Packed with great songs that explore a wide range of emotions; from loss and pain to hope, redemption and finally love, this album grabs the listener from the opening line of the title track and doesn’t let go until the final song has long finished.

Taking inspiration from the diverse collection of artistic influences, including the Ramones, U2, Talking Heads, GNR, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan, the multi-genre themes blend together never stepping on each other’s toes which offers something for everybody, yet remaining a rock-solid art piece.

Love might seem like an almost impossible aim, especially in today’s world, but it is love that matters most, so join the ranks of those that will not be submerged by the current state of the affairs, and treat yourself to a piece of good news, hope and optimism at last.