LIVE: MAGNOLIA at Voodoo Daddy’s

Words and phots by Erin Heffernan

Although I got lost on the way to voodoo daddy’s after walking down London Street Norwich, I spotted a large group of cool people, spiky hair, eyeliner and leather jackets, outside Voodoo daddy’s I knew I was in the right place.

Although I didn’t catch all the support band Eades I was lucky enough to catch the last few songs and what I did hear made me want to jump and sing and by looking at the rest of the crowd so did they. Eades created an incredible atmosphere ready for the main act, MAGNOLIA.

MAGNOLIA is an experimental post rock band From Norwich who have just released their first single. Post rock is mostly instrumental music that uses rock instrumentation but disregards typical rock songs and this was very true of MAGNOLIA, they are like nothing I’ve ever heard before, they defied all rules of music I thought there were and created something completely unique. As soon as I walked into the showroom at Voodoo daddy’s I wanted to dance. I can only describe MAGNOLIA as noise, poetry and funky hats.

They started their show by walking onto stage to ‘9 to 5’ by Dolly Parton; as they walked on the crowd cheered in excitement for the music they were about to experience.

They played many songs including their new single ‘Television’ which I absolutely love, as soon as I heard it, I felt sunny and bright- like going to the beach.

Although I didn’t always understand what was going on I could tell all the noise was extremely well thought out, I believe the saxophone brought it all together.

My advice to you is, if you see MAGNOLIA are playing near you, see them, experience it you won’t regret it.

Instagram: @magnoliaband_uk