Sunnbrella: Live gig review

Photos by Joe Loughrell

Words by Rachel June

An ocean of beaming blue lights shone across the band ‘Sunnbrella’ as they performed in perfect harmony together on February 12th, 2024. Catching the eye of the indie rock band Beach Fossils’, Sunnbrella played together with ethereal ease. Sunnbrella electrified the room and mesmerised audiences as they danced along in the hazy euphony. ASBO spoke to lead singer and frontman, David Zbirka, who started making music that “grew from the bedroom outwards”, and after collecting bandmates eventually evolved into the shoe-gaze-inspired, alternative/indie band they are now.

The genre of Sunnbrella, as David describes it, is a “mix of shoegaze/dream pop with breakbeats and dance.” Evoking enigma, the sharp guitar, distorted bass and gentle vocals create a mysterious atmosphere, with audiences swaying along – disappearing into the music.

Mystical melodies echoed into the crowd as the band got lost in the music, head-banging to the dreamy and romantic symphony.  In anticipation of the show, the band ritually listen to ‘Has It Come to This’ by The Streets right before going on stage. David comments that he’s “not sure how it happened but it always gets us pumped.”

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Candidly expressing himself about the music industry, David says “It can be difficult to keep up the pace. There are so many artists out there these days and everyone has their own platform to promote themselves, it can feel like you have to stay active 24/7 so people don’t forget about you. I think a lot of people experience burnout because of this. I’m not quite there yet but definitely feel close to it sometimes.” However, the passion for their music shines through, enjoying interactions with new fans which they are “forever thankful for”.

Taste and experience Sunnbrella’s stellar show by grabbing a ticket to see them live, available to buy here.

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ASBO magazine Music Director Jean Genie interviews David Zbirka of ‘Sunnbrella’ Feb 1st 2024
Interview footage/sound: Joe Loughrell
Band footage: Rachel June