Videodrome: Headshrinkers – Plasticine

Headshrinkers is seventh heaven for its members. A place where they can create art to breach the misconceptions of neurodiversity, different ethnic backgrounds and being a mixed gendered band.

The four Black Country toerags have earned their stripes by representing their roots. Established in 2019, Garran Hickman, James Knott, Xavier Al-Naqib, and Scarlett Churchill quickly took off to play shows across the UK, including supporting The Twang and STONE, as well as playing festivals such as Vestrock (EU), TRUCK and Isle of Wight with BBC Radio 6 and Radio X backing on numerous single releases.

In 2022, ‘Doorway Conversations’ was the first poetic upshot from Headshrinkers. The debut EP was peppered with characters from the Midlands and holds the zeitgeist of Garran’s early life with poetry consigning to his youth. 
Plasticine by the Headshrinkers is a fast and furious post punk anthem – Very rarely am I stuck for words when I have to review a track – so I’m going to keep it short and sweet ‘ Fking Brilliant ‘