Videodrome: New Release: Sunday (1994) Tired Boy

Sunday (1994) is Paige TurnerLee Newell, and the enigmatic drummer (who prefers to remain anonymous) known as X. Writers Turner and Newell fell into each other’s arms 10 years ago, both with very different upbringings yet identical perspectives on the “charade that is modern life”. “I had stumbled around aimlessly for many years, but I wasn’t born until we’d met,” declares Newell. Never knowing when they are being serious or not. Together they write songs that evoke the bittersweet nostalgia of 90s romance films as a way to “soundtrack their weird little lives”. 

Written and recorded in their dark one-bedroom apartment, the music of Sunday (1994) already had a passionate fan base before a song had even been released. “We uploaded a few songs to Tik-Tok to finally see if we were criminally insane or if indeed these songs could mean something to someone. Instantly we had thousands of views and people begging us to release them. We picked our jaws up off the floor and got to work.”