New Release: Dan Aura – Rewritten

Dan Aura embraced by a ghostly figure from behind

Twenty three year old London based singer-songwriter Dan Aura, described by fans as the ‘Queer Prince of Pop’ enters 2024 with a bang as he releases his catchy new pop track ‘Rewritten.’ Featuring beautiful distinct melodic vocals over upbeat piano and chirpy beats, the song depicts the feelings many feel post break-up, but with a hopeful twist. 

An early contender for a summer anthem ‘Rewritten’ is the perfect ‘break up banger’ giving insight into Dan’s attitude toward independence and freedom, despite the highs and lows of modern dating. 

Speaking with Dan, he describes ‘Rewritten’ as “a more positive spin on heartache. It serves as a reminder that not everything will always turn out the way you imagine, and that’s okay.” 

Co-written with SAKIMA, Dan describes the writing process as “cathartic”, writing it fresh out of a situationship. Creating the song ‘Rewritten’ was part of the healing process. He expresses that “Sometimes dealing with feelings by sandwiching them in a bouncy pop song is all the soul needs.”

‘Rewritten’ features heartfelt lyrics “I wish that I could run back the time, take each broken piece and reconstruct the memory”. Mirroring the relatable feelings after a relationship ends.

Dan says “it’s detrimental if it doesn’t work out, because you feel like you’ve not only lost them, but the life you imagined with them”. 

Speaking about the lyrics “Too many words to be forgiven but where would we be if we were rewritten” Dan explains, “A lot of the pain that comes after a breakup stem from the ‘what if’s’ for me”. The song illuminates the painful process of imagining what could have been, with Dan stating that “It can be really hard to move on when you’re thinking about what you could have done differently, and if one little thing had changed, the life you could’ve had together”

Dan’s music is a reflection of his experiences using music as a way to express himself. He speaks of his live performances, enjoying “Prancing around a stage giving your middle finger to people who have screwed you over”.

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Dan admires and looks up to musician Troye Sivan, a queer icon who he watched come out on Youtube, “as I was coming to terms with my own sexuality” which was “extremely liberating.” He expresses that “hopefully I can one day be that beacon for someone else”

Living and studying in Brighton shaped Dan as a musician, admittedly he would love to move back there one day. “I explored so many genres, worked with my first ever producer, and got to learn so much about the industry”.

Heading into 2024 with hope for his music career, Dan states that he’ll “be selling out shows and flying all over the world…I’ll come back to this interview saying, “I called it’”. Watch this space. Dan Aura’s romantic, euphoric and catchy track ‘Rewritten’ marks the start of an exciting future ahead. 

To all hopeful musicians looking to make a dent in the industry Dan suggests authenticity is key. Advising that “YOU like your music, don’t try and copy someone, or try and fit into trends on TikTok. People want authenticity, they love you for you”

Listen to Dan Aura’s single here –