ASBO ARCHIVE: Street Style

CAMDEN 1999 – 2006

Dan. Age: 15. Occupation: Student. Likes: Rachel Stamp.  Short Shorts & Fishnets . Hates: Macho Men. Old People & Darren Pashall. Record: Suicide Alleyby Manic Street Preachers. Club: my mum won’t let me

 Name: Zoe. Age: 15. Occupation: Student. Likes: Boys Called Ben. Old School Ties & Chips with loads of Ketchup. Hates: Politics. Wine Gums & High Street Fashion Record: Boredom By The Buzzcocks . Club: The Dome

Marcus Age: 19. Occupation: Student. Likes: Cornflakes. Trance Music & Make-Up Hates: Steps. Tony Blair & Being Mistaken For A Girl. Record: Life In Tokyo By Japan. Club: Slimelight

Name: Curtis. Age: 19. Occupation: Waiter. Likes: Twiggy, Mars Bars & Leeds (people friendlier). Hates: House & Garage Music,Milk & Blur. Record: Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis. Club: Revolver in Milton Keynes

Name: Nicola Age: 17 Occupation: Nursing Home Assistant. Likes: Cradle Of Filth. Pasta . Bright ‘Colours. Hates: Tony Blair. Fish Fingers & Weekend Goths, (You know who you are Stacey & Andy It’s a lifestyle, NOT A FASHION) Record? Cruelty and the Beast by Cradle Of Filth. Club: Full Tilt

Name: Caoimhe. Age: 14. Occupation: Student. Likes: Geography. Grasshoppers &  Zombies. Hates: Garlic Bread, Mrs Howard & Sunshine. Record: Smells Like Children by Marilyn Manson. Club: Slimelight

Dwaine. Age: 15 Occupation: Student. Likes: Naked Women. Getting Pissed & Gigs.Hates: Westlife. Crappy Chinese food you get in Camden. School & An annoying little kid called Cookie. Record: The Passenger by Iggy Pop. Club Asylum

Alex. Age: 21. Occupation: Sales Assistant. Likes: Make-Up,King Adora & Spaghetti Hoops. Hates: Baked Beans, Pop Music &Bad Drivers. Record: Motorcycle Emptiness byManic Street Preachers. Club: Stage 

Nadja. Age: 21. Occupation: Student Likes: 19th Century Poetry. Marc Bolan & Jacket Potatoes with Cheese & Beans. Hates: Television (It’s for the brain Dead) Geese, 20th Century Poetry. & House Music. Record: Telegram Sam by T-Rex. Club: Slimelight

Name: Gladys In Glasses Age: 19. Occupation: Student. Likes: My Glasses (I Was Born With Them On) Crop Circles & The Concretes. Hates: Squares. Contact Lens & People shouting out ‘Should Have Gone To Spec Savers’. Record: Animal Nitrate by Suede. Club: Trash

Name: Bjon. Age: 19 Occupation: Multimedia Designer. Likes: Gladys In Glasses. Rum & Coke. Sartorial Splendour. Hates: Sardines, Old Camden Punks (Really Sad) & David Beckham Record? You Gotta To Fight by The Beastie Boys. Club: Trash