Street Style: Liverpool

Images by Dave Knight @bold_street_guy

Name: Zoe.  Age: 19. Occupation: Student.  3 Things You Like:  Reptiles, Taxidermy & Skinhead Culture .    3 Things You Hate: Judgemental People, The Cold & Beans. Favourite Film:  House Of A 1000 Corpses.  Favourite Club:  Howl (in Leeds) . Favourite Record: This Is England Soundtrack

Name: Jah.  Age: 18.  Occupation:  Unemployed.                Name: Grace  Age: 20 Occupation: Student Nurse 3 Things You Like: Garlic Bread, Guitars & The Stooges. 3 Things You Like: Massive Platform Shoes, Silk 3 Things You Hate: Metal-Core, Placebo & The Wirral          Silk Scarfs & Sushi .  Favourite Film:  Taxi Driver. Favourite Club:  LFC                 3 Things You Hate: Bright Lighting, When     Favourite Record: Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat Records Jump & When My Hair Goes Flat.                                                                                                  Favourite Film: Velvet Goldmine. . Favourite Record: The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy . Stardust & the Spiders from Mars. My Favourite . tracks are Starman & Rock n’ Roll by David Bowie . Favourite Club: :   Spiders(In Hull) & Teddy’s (In , . Liverpool)                                                                                                                                                                   


Name: Emily . Age: 19. Occupation:  Student Studying Theatrical Make-Up.  3 Things You Like: Going To Clubs With Friends, Make Up & Charity Shops. 3 Things You Hate: Pork Chops, Early Morning & Rude People. Favourite Film : The Crow . Favourite Club:  Teddy’s (In Liverpool) but Would Love To Go Back In Time To The 80’s & Go To The Blitz Club. Favourite Record: The Birdmad Girl by The Cure ‘Will Always Be A Favourite Of Mine

Name: Dross. Age: Golden .  Occupation: Deity . 3 Things You Like:  Colour-Blocking, 2am &  Handsome Men. 3 Things You Hate: Colour-Blocking, 2am &  Handsome. Favourite Film: Alien Alien Favourite Club:  Eat Me (@eatmeclub) . Favourite Record: Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus

Name: George.  Age: 25.  Occupation:  Civil Servant.       Name: Emma  Age: 21 Occupation: Student 3 Things You Like: Keith Richards Haircut, Roy Keane 3 Things You Like: Hammer Horror Films, Goth & Crash Bandicoot. Rock & Excessive Make Up & Hair 3 Things You Hate:   Queen( The Band), McDonalds 3 Things You: Espadrilles, Coldplay          & Michael McIntyre. & Coriander Favourite Film: The Warriors . Favourite Film: Love Exposure Favourite Club: Teddy’s Favourite Club: Teddy’s Favourite Record: Nevertheless by Brian Johnson Favourite Record: Breaking Glass By David Bowie Massacre                                                                                                                                                                                             

Name: Fennec.  Age: 17 . Occupation:  Student.  3 Things You Like: Old-Scholl Punk Style, Chilling Out With Music, Sunset & Sunsets. 3 Things You Hate:  Summer Weather( I Love To Layer My Clothes) When People Invade My Personal Space & The Dark .  Favourite Film:  The Perks Of Being A Wallflower  Favourite Club: I Don’t.  Favourite Record: Ce n’est Rien by Nothing But Thieves