Videodrome: POL – Blue Moon Night Girl

OUT NOW:  EP “Blue Moon Sketches

POL is a young French indie-pop singer-songwriter living in Paris, who comes from the south of France. He expresses himself in a broadly defined indie pop universe, influenced as much by the Manchester of the 80s as by the electric indie of the 2000s, but also by current hip-hop, bedroom lo-fi and other productions.
The lyrics are taken from his diary: a character who’s listened too many love songs, living in a perfectly serene environment where everything’s fine on the surface but an inner turmoil inhabits his thoughts, mingling nostalgia, heartbreak and absence, punctuated by the energy, thirst for love and freedom of his youth.

Listening to Blue Moon Girl, I’m transported back to Paris in the early 60’s ,sitting in a café, plotting too change & believing I can change the world, all the while longing for that lost love, melancholy with foot tapping melody even the video has that 60’s art house movie feel to it. This is a must for your playlist and is a One To Watch for 2024 ‘Viva La POL’

POL is like the Love child of Serge Gainsbourg & Lou Reed, whose lyrical skills have the ability to make you feel all the amotion and pain, that comes with a teenage broken heart, produced in his bedroom and only being 21 this guy will have the world at his feet in a couple of years time – and remember you heard it here first