Streetstyle: Liverpool

First featured in Issue 17 Images by Dave Knight @ bold_street_guy

Name: Florence. Age: 22. Occupation:  I’m in training in the Navy to be a Weapons Engineer. Likes: Gigs, Hikes, Reptiles & Amphibians. Hates:  The Feeling Of Cotton Balls, Being Cold & Early Mornings. Film:  Fantastic Mr Fox. Record:  Definitely A Hard Choice To Make On This One But I’d Say – Don’t Let Me Down by Marcia Griffiths.           Club: Young Offenders Scooter Club

Name: Dan. Age: 19. Occupation: Musician & Bartender. Likes:  Gigs. Clothes DIY/SEWING & Metal Music. Hates:  Tories, Kidney Beans & Love Island. Film: Apostle. Record: The Day That Never Comes by Metallica. Club: Not Sure About The Club, Kind Of A Fan Of NQ64 Cause I’m A Big Fan of Arcades

Name: Casey. Age: 22. Occupation: Student. Likes: Franz Kafka, Vintage Inspired Fashion & Live Music       Hates: Minimalism, Aeroplanes & Perfume Adverts. Film: Silence Of The Lambs. Record: Miniskirt Blues by The Cramps Ft Iggy Pop. Club: Teddy’s

Name: Ciara. Age: 23. Occupation: Chef. Likes: Gigs. Vegan Food & Travelling. Hates: Homophobic’s. Sexists & Racists. Film: School Of Rock. Record: Just Like Heaven by The Cure.             Club: Motel 

Name: Rebecca. Age: 20. Occupation Student.     Likes: Plants, Going To Gigs & Music. Hates: Stepping In A Puddle With Socks On. Cockroaches, Spicy Foods & Inequality. Film: Rocky Horror. Record: Ither Keep A Cool Head by Desmond Dekker or Fall Back Down by Rancid.                               Club: Common Hall in Chester