15 Questions With Tibasko

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Tibasko are an electronic music duo from Hertfordshire, a duo formed by lifelong friends Andy and Ken, ASBO asked Tibasko 15 questions to find out more about who they are, their upcoming £5 a ticket ‘Lady Godiva’ tour and everything else;

Who are you?

We are TIBASKO, an electronic music duo from Hertfordshire UK, comprised of childhood mates, Andy and Ken.

Why the name ‘TIBASKO’?

We’re spicy, our music is spicy and we’re just hunting for a brand partnership.

How did the duo form?

We’ve been mates since secondary school but never really touched anything music related until we both has finished University, Ken was making music within the realm of various genres, and I was DJing around the Birmingham and Worcester area whilst at University. We came together after I started showing Ken the music I was playing out and we decided to make something out of making electronic music. (Andy)

What do each of you bring to TIBASKO?

We both bring our own strengths and weaknesses to the table, we’re both strong DJ’s and producers, however Ken would probably be the stronger of the two in the music department, whereas I take the reins more so with DJing.

How would you describe TIBASKO to an Alien?

Two water-based soundwave demons.

What made you want to make dance music?

Being able to make something at home that you can immediately take to the dance floor and invoke a feeling or energy. It’s the best feeling playing your own music to a crowd.

How do you differ from other electronic artists?

If you span back through our catalogue, you’ll find a wide variety of music. We create House, Techno, Breaks, and more Left field areas of dance music, we never really like to be pigeonholed to a certain genre or sound.

Lady Godiva tour – £5 tickets – What made you want to do this?

We understand and sympathise with the average party goer these days, ticket prices are rising, and people are going out much less, this in turn has a knock-on effect on the clubs and also the artists. We wanted to give a headline tour that could be accessible to everyone.

You released a short video about the rules of raving – What are your biggest raving pet peeves?

Excessive filming in the clubs, yeah we get it, you might wanna show someone some videos or tracks you love, but when you’re filming every drop it just gets too much.

Favourite show you’ve ever done?

We played in Brooklyn earlier this year at a club called Elsewhere, we found it to be the closest thing we’d seen in the US open to the UK sound and experimental stuff.

Favourite song you’ve ever made?

A track that came out a while ago and really put us on Pete Tong’s radar was ‘Vertigo’, it’s one of my favourites we’ve made.

Favourite UK festival?

It has to be Lost Village, they have the perfect balance of amazing music, quirky actors and the crowd is always so much fun.

What artist dead or alive would be your dream collaboration?

We would love to get the chance to work with Mike Skinner one day. We feel like his voice is so unique and recognisable and translates so well to dance music.

What moment in your career has been or will be your ‘We’ve made it’ moment?

We’ve always said that we know we would have made it when we’re at the airport heading to a gig, and we see another one of our DJ mates heading to a different gig as well, we’ll then call ourselves DJ’s

In 5 years’ time, where would you like to see TIBASKO?

Biggest name on the poster haha! To be honest we’d want our live show up and running and to be able to tour around the world with it, hitting heavy heights.

I’d also love to have set up a clothing line around the TIBASKO brand, something that’s not tacky merchandise but a proper line of bespoke TIBASKO clobber. (Andy)

TIBASKO ‘Freedom (In Ur Mind) is out now and can be listened to here.

Their Lady Godiva £5 ticket tour is in full swing, catch them in:

Tickets available here