Live Review: Greta Van Fleet

Words and photos by Rachel June

Fans poured into the London OVO Arena Wembley on a Tuesday night to hear the distinct sound of American rockers Greta Van Fleet, as their ‘Starcatcher’ world tour across the US, Europe, and UK continues.

Fronted by the Kiszka brothers, Greta Van Fleet are twins Josh and Jake on vocals/guitar with Sam’s bass underpinning Danny Wagner’s drums. As if stepping out of a time machine from 1970, the band emerge onto the stage in studded whimsical costumes, capes, stars, gemstones, and glittery makeup. Frontman Josh Kiszka sporting a curly mullet, a white bejewelled two piece suit and flowing cape, perhaps following the theme of the title of their latest album, “Starcatcher”. Josh caught the stars to wear them. Many of the fans in the audience were wearing the same glistening gems reflecting the starshine right back. Greta Van Fleet have a unique look and feel, with their songs complimenting the stellar vibe of their band. 

The stage was a starry sky, as if being transported into a magical mystical realm. A concert that had the drama and quality of a theatre production, the band played through swirling smoke, cosmic lights and fiery elements. Josh’s gobsmacking vocals filled the arena, reaching high notes with such ease, pulling up onto his throne alongside Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury. Fans looked on in awe, as they glanced at each other in disbelief. His voice cut through the air like a siren’s call, whilst the mysterious and enchanting lyrics entranced and mesmerised the crowd. ‘Your mind is a stream of colours, extending beyond our sky, a land of infinite wonders a billion lightyears from here now.’ (Light My Love, 2021).

Every band member had a lengthy solo, showcasing some true musical artistry. Each song was carried through, went above and beyond the recorded versions, and the overall performance felt anything but rushed, in fact their stage time clocked in at over two hours. The band members soaking in the night, romantically passing out roses and guitar picks, the concert was more of a collective experience between the band and the audience.

For those who are eager to open the door into the world of Greta Van Fleet, they have a plethora of albums including ‘Starcatcher’ (2023), ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ (2021) ‘Anthem Of The Peaceful Army’ (2018), and ‘From The Fires’ (2017). A band to watch, with the potential of reaching new heights, depths, and wonders.