Words: Noah Fashesin

Frozemode are an exciting musical trio out of the capital, the genreless group are only 4 singles deep into their journey which may have started more than ten years ago but truly kicked off in 2022 with their debut single ‘Maybelline’.

I spoke to the trio in the middle of July over video chat, the three of them appearing periodically in the chat a few days after their performance at the 2000 trees festival. The trio derive not only from different areas across London but also differing nationalities and backgrounds, with only 4 singles released so far the the rap/punk group are creating a real buzz around their name and sound

The group have already been championed by the likes of Jack Saunders at BBC radio one as well as cosigns from the likes of NME, speaking to the group it felt as though it was only a matter of time before the groups name is all over playlists and festival lineups.

What’s your names, how old are you and where are you from?

I.V Gatlin: My name is I.V Gatlin from Pimlico, London and I’m 24, of Irish heritage.

Lisong: Lisong, Im 24 as well, Pimlico based, half chinese half malaysian heritage

Cho-Hollo: Yo, Cho-Hollo, 25 oldest one in the group.

You have a very unique sound, who are some of your influences?

I.V Gatlin : It’s a mixed bag of influences because we all obviously listen to different things, there’s 3 of us, but I grew up liking grime and got into the punk stuff a bit later, for example the Idles, Skepta back in the day. 

Lisong: I was more into the old school hip hop and classic rock and shit like that.

Cho-Hollo: I was into a lot of Drill and trap as well, and then all our influences kind of came together.

How would you describe your sound ?

I.V Gatlin: We make rap music, high energy rap music, alternative leaning and we don’t let genre define us init, so we do what we wanna do with that and at the moment its leaning in punk, but that can change.

How did the three of you first become involved in music?

I.V. Gatlin: So myself and Hollo went to school together and for fun during the break time and what not we just enjoyed rapping together, freestyling and what not. At the same time Lisong was making solo music as well. We were just doing it for fun, just the passion of it.

Lisong: Yeah, this was all during the soundcloud era so you’re just making stuff and just putting out whatever, that sort of time.

How did you come together as a trio?

I.V Gatlin: Well eventually I think as we got older and maybe became slightly more serious about it, as we’ve invested more time into it as well, It just became. Like Lisong was making music and I was listening to his music because we live close init and at one point it just made sense. His music came to a point and sound, a place sonically that fitted where our sound had come to and it just made sense the three of us, and as soon as that happened we got in the studio.

Lisong: And that was in 2020 

Frozemode- where does the name come from ?

I.V. Gatlin: I wish it was something really thought out but it was just a cool sounding name. Me and Hollo were spitballing names for ages, this was back when we were still at school and that was just some cool ass name and it stuck. I mean obviously it’s to do with both the flexing side being cold, iced up or whatever and I guess the more emo side, like cold hearts and what not. But yeah at the end of the day it sounds cool and it half rhymes and comes off the tongue.

How would you like your music to be received?

I.V Gatlin: That’s an interesting question

Cho-Hollo: That a very interesting question

Lisong; I feel like most importantly we definitely want to leave an impression . We want people to feel something when they listen to our music, you know I think that’s the most important thing.

I.V. Gatlin: Just like open minded shit really, like it’s impossible, but people just listen to the music for what the music is, not worrying too much about xyz. I guess just like if we went and did a random song for example that was so left, people would just take it in, just accepting of the sound. That would be great but the world doesn’t work like that, gotta do it in a sequence kind of. I don’t how I want people to receive it really, just for what it is.

You seem to be building up your catalogue with 4 singles currently, are there any plans for future projects?

Cho-Hollo: Small talks are going on but really and truly it is probably a thing for, well definitely for next year.

Lisong: Yeah, we’re working on it though for sure, whenever we’re making new tracks it’s definitely on our minds.

What’s next, in the 5 years times where would you like to be, what would you have liked to have done ?

I.V Gatlin: Not to sound big headed but we’re already like 24, in 5 years it needs to be takeover time. Yeah when we’re almost 30 shit gonna have to be taken over man, that’s what we hope at least, big stages et cetera et cetera.

Lisong: We’ve got the BBC introducing at Reading and Leeds next month, so in five years hopefully we’ll be headlining many big festivals like that.

Cho-Hollo: 100, european tours

Lisong: Worldwide tours man

Cho-Hollo: Of course, what am I talking about, yeah worldwide.